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we love grainne because she's cool and like totez awesome yah?

Ok first thing I(grainne) did this morning was check my emails, voicemails, txt messages and social networking shizz from bed on my phone.
My job is running a concert promotions company called Synergy Concerts. I book bands and DJs for concerts and parties. I send offers to agents for the artist, book a venue, put tickets onsale, organize marketing and do and technical production required.
 My ideal come dine with me guests would be (is this living and/or dead?) I'd say probably Too $hort, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Maison Martin Margiela (off the top of my head)

My favorite new band is the Soft Moon.

Most underrated cartoon cartoon character is Synergy from Jem and the Holigrams. Or Fat Albert.

If I was prime minister for a day I'd abolish student fees, withdraw troops from middle eastern countries, reduce vat, make it easier for asylum seekers to settle here, pay teacher and nurses more money, create a real democracy through free speech and abolishing the monarchy because as long as we have an unelected elite runling our country we will never be outwith heirarchy and living under class systems.

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