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M A I L time.

Dear Chris Brown,
even though you punched the life out of rhianna's face. i will still love you.
and NO. im not saying what you did was right but yeh. call me.

Yours sincerely,

the association of the love strucked teenagers

pengness wednesdays

waa gwarn??

Andy Willsher The Black and White Collection

Alright lovelies, basically andy willsher is an amazing photographer(to me). If you haven’t heard of him… GOOGLE HIM NOW. #nostalkertingdoe anyhooo, his photographs for the likes of nme, u2,white stripes, etc. To be fair, I think his pretty darn awesome. Soo to celebrate his total…awesomenessss. Yup. You guess it. His having an exhibition thingymajig to show off his work and YOUR INVITED! Yay!

The exhibition runs until 31st December
at The Book Club, 100 Leonard Street, London, EC2A 4RH
"You sell insurance? Can I insure myself... against you?"


this is probably the funniest ive heard all week. soo basically wagner from xfactor(the lovely fellow in the picture above) was angry about the 'funny smell' in the xfactor house soo started spraying deodarant around the everyone annoynace sooo
lovely hero (smiley guy in the photo above) was like 'im sticking up for everyone and we've had enough. and STOP TRYING TO SABOTAGE OUR we cant sing and win the competition'

and he also sing this rendition
soo wagner was soo annoyed he left the house saying 'YOU BASTARDS!'
and is now staying at a north london hotel.
hahaha jokes.

B A T T L E F RO N TERS! brap!

soo basically i do my workexperience at battlefront every fridays and the only thing thats makes me happy for the rather 'long hours' are. WE ARE ALL MAKING A DIFFERENCE! in case you are like' what????'
what we do at battlefront is work with 12 young campaigners with massive ideas. from anything to knife crime to making people in london smile more.
every two weeks or soo, we put together a video on what we've actually done and yeah. im proud. also....keep an eye out for the cutest dog in cute dogs history..billie is his name

check out the site and you can start your own campaign.

life is a par when your just

Definition of linking: seeing someone but your not officially their partner.

WHAAAAAA? im sorry but ive always found that 'word' a 'parrage' like...'hey, areen't good enough to be your girlfriend..but good enough to bang...yeah?'

also girls are always the first to go 'are we like boyfriend/girlfriend now?' *in a essex voice preferably* hahahahahhaha NO WE ARE NOT. we are just shag buds.

well,also i need rules. on how many dates do you have to go with your 'link for it to before official. 3 or 25???? HELP!!!!!!

Another word of advice...ALWAYS USE A CONDOM WITH YOUR LINK...
like c'mon...his allowed to cheat because technically your not 'really' his....ermm girlfriend soo yeah.
you dont want aids and all that malarky

and ohhh yeah, someone just told me you can get herpes of the mouth. sjkdfkdkglksjdlksgjksdfjkjkddggggjkgjkjgkjfkj. thats just emotional

but yes......back to the initial point. being a link is just long and if its for you go for it but me personally. meh, i'd rather just wait for an ACTUAL know someone like that ash stymest fella.. preferably. just sayin.

"you dont know how to give head?? pretend it's a banana"- theladybyron

Thanks, nice animal monkey person. now i know how to give head. im still sceptical about the germs and the fact the male genital is that..ermm attractive... but thanks anyway.

Much love,
the society of teenage girls who would probably cry if they give head.

PREACH IT, uncle

Animals on a Mission

spread around you guys, its for a really good cause

p.s check the >>>> battlefront site <<<<<<< doooo itttt
or i will throw kittens in your eyes and tickle you until you scream blue murder safeinitdoeblud!

on second thoughts no coloqiauls




in case you guys dont know, i love yo gabba gabba and the dumbness that goes with this show. soo yesterday im watching any normal 18 year old does............then BAM SEAN KINGSTON!..yes sean fucking 'beautiful girl' kingston.... presents his mini spinnnie dance.

spooning doesn't lead to Forking it leads to WAR!


definitely watch this when you have a hangover, or want to impress that hot girl you always liked but never had the Cahonez to chat up, it is a FANTASTIC ICEBREAKER!

best quote from mini movie : 'it rots away time so you can tune in to your future'