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BAPE ®AndTET(WTAPS) joint forces with on this new collection with 2nd collection called "ursus",these is showing everyone a diffrent side to Bape.You know, I more chemical splash with sophistatted Primary colours witha hint of maturuty.hmmm me likely.Soo say hello to the new galactic forces and geta jacket or to(for me).Please im still waitingfor my ema to come through *criessss*


You see maybe its just me but has christmas become an excuse for capitalist like bunsiness to make multi zillion trillion over a small period of time.delving and feeding us all this nonsense.OVERRATED. i go to my high street and its like "get this, get that...FOR URE FISH" Ps: Alll this malarky starts in october..never when its fricking nearer to bloody christmas.We as people have actually become to obsessed with the materialistic side of christmas(even me) you know what i mean the presents, brussel sprouts..eurghh, etc,etc and maybe just maybe we've lost the meaning of what christmass is actually about know the dealio
I feel like im falling in this capitalisttrap but i dont know..this is a pointless rant bcuz im just babbling on but yehhh.FAHKK ARGOS.Just enjoy the true meaning christmas

Photo by me

Weee got nothing to worry about!

ok bad girl, been neglecting this here blog haven't i

slap my wrists, spank my buueeetttt, sit me on the naughty step.
I realise I've been neglecting you sexies at W.A.N.G so I thought I'd just fill your eyes with photos of my current obsession: KNUCKLE TATTOOS.
What should i get on mine, tattoo time is only eleven months away :)

Demons in my mind or something sublime?

i wont lie you guys, right now as i am typing this i am watching the full-length film version of this very clip, and im bricking my pants, im sooo scared .this was made for kids? What the DRAM FUCKETY is wrong with people, maybe too much too soon me things?. however i do realise the many abstract angles that you can examine this film from. its teaching children about the frail nature of human life its self the fact that as a people we are selfish and will inevitable cause our own downfall, not to mention the pointless rituals we all subcribe to, birthdays,wedding,christmas know that kind of shit that we have to buy cards for.
the more of it i am watching the more i am realising this is an A-MAZING piece of art, that is teaching me much more that any exhibition would, and the fact that it is so fucking disturbed and scary adds to its awesomeness.. did i just use awesomeness as a word instead of its intended biblibcal meaning?. grammatical PAR!

the feature length film is called The Adventures of Mark Twain

read and free your perspective

Dear Phillip Annand , Can you stop being all inspiring and stuff? thank you

Phillip Annand is part of the onawardtour and his site is actually rather good.its a lifestyle,cultural,street-style blog.but thats not why im actually doing a post on him... it was the video below.His actually a rather inspring young chap and his doing soo well and talks soo much sense.Eurghh. all i talk about is plantain and Scrubs.i need to up my game.WATCH THE VIDEO THATS ALL!

photos by tone
words by Moi

His mother is a Whore...

My mother is a whore
So say the neighbors
It is the hustler
From evening to morning

It seems that the whole street
He rose above
Therefore I conclude
What the neighbors are cuckold

And all these old old biddies
Who do nothing but insult us
Are languages of bitches told my mother
And she masters the subject

When we drool over
It's just that they are vexed
What my mother he was going over
And they, they misses

My mother is so beautiful
What the neighbors are queuing
To sleep with her
Rather than return home

They just slam their wages
In the arms of my mother
For the gentleness of a caress
And the warmth of his buttocks
And all my friends
Who call me son of a whore
Are jealous for sure
They are the son of puddings

For even being paid
Would not a volunteer
Able to bend
For the ass of their mother

My mother is a whore
So say the neighbors
It is the hustler
From evening to morning

My father is a bastard
Since it was blocked
The day he discovered
That bitch could be a mother

Nobody knows who he is
But it would be the neighborhood
What is said there was a neighbor
What the father of the son of a whore

And the boys next door
Begin to flip
Being perhaps my half-siblings
And the beautiful son of a bitch.

you a sexy daddy!

i dont care if you think im perverted , but looking at my list of ex-boyfriends-people-i-have-got-of-with-boys-that-i-linked, its safe to say that old men make me cum.they make the space between my legs jerk! the attraction to these men is simple, they look like the would be the best dad to you ,yet fuck your brains out...... and that is not incestuous FACT!
im single right now(not for long ,so hit it up) if you are over 25 have a beard or are just a sexy old ma'fucka email theladybyron.

Lord of the mics '06 : Kano vs Wiley

Keep It Chemical Free!

  • Afros are beautiful
  • be proud of your napppy pepper grain hair(if you have one)
  • you actually dont need to use weave
  • at all to "enhance"your hair
  • Weave is really and truly just a safety net.
  • sort of?!
  • im gonna grow my hair now(properly)
  • and stop relying on weave to "enhance it"
  • cuz my pepper grain nappy hurr is how i was made
  • yup i am beautiful
  • you are too.
  • Keep it chemical free
  • and love ure hair.

Dear Plan B, Call me? *wink*

I was on the manofsteel blog like now and the love ive had for planb came rushing back..hahaaa and also PAR on my life for stealing this video from themaswell but this guys has been rather underrated in the past,Soo im happy his getting lil attention.great lyricist.amazing singer.Ermmm this song is teeny bit mainstream but heyyy anything to get in the charts i dont mind :)

PS:thats effy from skins in the video in case your wondering.yes i know.she's peng.yes i know.yes i know.FACCCK OFF!
i joke. KAYA aka effy from skins is a lovely actress and she is gorgeous..without me being sarcastic :)

Girl Crush! * Jessica white

*coughs* *gasps* #nohomo

I've never seen no chick like this....

....This bitch can twist like a damn contortionist

"I love your lips when they're wet with wine
And red with a wild desire"

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Youts * beauty??

Youth is happy
because it has the capacity to see beauty.
Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty
never grows old -Franz Kafka

Skadoosh Skadoosh

I'm supposed to be doing my work, but I got this crazy weird urge to watch Pocahontas!

I dont know about you, but this is one of my fave films.  Everything about it...the storyline the characters the songs!


Yea! This part! (Theres actually a tear in my eye!)

ARGHHH!....Ilove it!

Just look at her! Shes a beaut! And I think she'd be real fashionable if she was in our day and age!  Don't you?!?!?

Bad boy who i now ...LOVE!!!

boycrazy in austin: the bad boy! from alexi wasser on Vimeo.

Video by the lovely alexis

Daniel: Young Conservative

Heyy guys i caught up with the Daniel O'Donoghue recent elected class president (of my class(..Ermm duh we touched on youth,politics,teen mums and his favorite show "survivor" Ohh BEWARE!! he does rant a fair bit .

Wang:Alrite daniel your the newly appointed class president.WOOP!GET IN DER!
Daniel:I am the class president of Group A year one and the class size is about 15 but when I was voted in it was at least 20. My official title is the class representative (that's my job as well)

Wang:Soo class president.. aint that accurate?
Daniel:Ermm well people prefer calling me president and I don't mind it.
My job role is to represent our classes interest in our meetings and try to solve any problems which arisen in our class. Another role I do that is unofficial is to try and get our class on ball by answering questions the teacher asks and making sure group work is done correctly. Some perks of this position is that I can leave lessons when I want to and I get to know the higher ups in the food chain which could be helpful if needed.
Wang:What have you actually done then?
Daniel:Some issues I have raised for our class is that we need larger tables for canteen as they are a bit cramped and that the food price is to high. I also raised the issue that their needs to be a shelter for the smokers outside the canteen (someone has to think of the smokers). We rarely talk about the teaching quality as it is very good and I have a good class to be president of. We will have to see around march or february to see if any of this has gone into effect.
Wang:Hmmm you do seem as the quite poiltical young lad well youre always going about the EU and that malarky in class
Daniel:You see, I am politically conservative but I also lean left. I lean left because I know its important to have good relations with the working class and underclasses and so many people now life on the welfare system that to remove it would be taking a step backwards (every nation also needs good social housing). I am conservative because I am pro-law and believe its important to have strong family connections. You may have the heard the term "Broken britain" being said and I strongly believe it is broken.
Wang:Emm skeen *reaches for tea*
Daniel:Their is an alarming trend of children being brought up with out any morals, they used to be supplied through religion but their also falling church attendance so I believe its up to the state to deliver moral guidance to children and youths.
Wang:im guessing you dont think that much of the eu then?
Daniel:I am also somewhat of euro sceptic (I voted ukip at the 09 elections). The people in the EC are reminiscent of the corruption of south America. Money that is meant to go to farmers is being diverted to fund golf clubs. There is also talk of an EU tax which all member states have to pay while I think we get taxed enough, if we were to stop giving the EU our £12 million a year we would be able to cut off inheritance tax, stamp duty and capital gains tax. We could use that money making sure that we know what it is being spent on or improving our country.
Wang:Surely that would be a good thing ..well i think..hmm im baffled already soo how do you spend your weekends n stuff?
Daniel:I usually go with friends to the museums or attractions (this city has the best) and at night we go to the pub and talk about usual stuff but we usually don't remember it next day.
Wang:Museums..Pubs...Whatcha think of the youth culture then?

There is good parts and bad parts to the youth of today. Older people always complain about the youth before us it was the ravers in the 90s , skinheads and punks in the 80s and the rockers and mods in the 70s. Knowing this I have come to terms that we are a nation of complainers and the only worth while thing to complain about in my opinion is the weather. The most worrying thing I see about the youth of today is the rising teenage pregnancy (which is the highest in western Europe). I see this as one of the things which make britain "broken", before you used to try and deter youth from having sex but now its more about education and what ifs and with the media influence we know why it is happening. This could also be the future for us because we are the generation born out the cold war and are now reaching adulthood.
Wang:Ahhh yikess..really and truly us as a nation we must be pissed soo right now..arghh im watching Misfits.its soo jokes.woop!Whats tend to watch on telly?
Daniel:My favourite program would probably be "survivor" it was a show shown on the BBC last year about how a plague has wiped out 99% humanity and these people have to deal with the break down of law and order, I like it for the setting. I like the older comedy programs like Ali G , Alan partridge , harry enfield and spitting image.

Wang:whooa thanks *while doing victory dance*
Daniel: End rant:
Didnt have much to say here.

Melodies and Desires

Follow these instructions
Do exactly as I do
Lean your shoulders forward
Let your hands slide over to my side
Move your body closer
Let your heart meet mine

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is the melody
Now sing it with me

Come a little closer
Take a look at me
This light is so obvious
I want you to see
Come a little closer
Look me in the eye
Then repeat with me one more time

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me

You'll be the rhythm and I'll be the beat
You'll be the rhythm and I'll be the beat
Then I'll be the rhythm and you'll be the beat
And love, the shoreline, where you and I meet

Love is the harmony
Desire is the key
Love is a symphony
Now play it with me

Words by lykkle li

Soo is your face!

A Story.

Today is my birthday...well not really today as its WAYY past 12 o'clock...Anyways Im 19 now!

Basically my sister bought me pizza as a birthday present (cheap or what!!) pretty sure if i turn my head to the right i'll see the box...i wasnt gonna do it but I am now..

*turns head*

Yea, there it is.

Anyways I had like quite a few slices and I was bloated and then I went to the fridge and there was only orange juice. And to be honest orange juice is nice and all but it only does one thing.

If your one of those people I suggest you stop reading now...

Still here ok kool.

After about 10 minutes the orange juice had done what it came to do so I ran up stairs pulled down a pair tracksuit bottoms (notice I said a pair, yh, I have no idea whatsoever who belong to...they were clean and so ukno..)

And...I actually wee'd through my bum. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Goodnight : )

PS. Thats not my poo by the way...I lay tissue so I dnt get 'upsplash' this is a google find. And Its way to solid to be what fell out of me...

GAS'D ..aint this cute?

Alrite soo Gas'd is some clothing line thats been ariound for quite a while but they've only just caught me eye.which i deeply sorry for but i love they're shirts and the reason i sparially of the us eof abstract shapes ans primary or neutral colours within their garms but also they're shirts are ORGANIC.yup greeeeeeeeeeeeennn..meaning you dont feel guilty and it kinda makes you feel like your doing good for this CARBON FILLED EURGHH GASSY WORLD!

Check em out buy a shirt or two....alritey. GO ON THEN!


In the Woods!

The thing is with guys you actually dont have to treat them like some next species even though they act like one.But i just find it jokes when some girls cant even communicate on just talk to a boy on a level without fancying them(sometimes going to a all girls school plays a part).I actually rather peng male friends and i dont fancy em..or wanna shag em.Hmmm but also certain girls are like "i get along better with guys,I mainly have guy friends" well thats ok.well kudos for you as long you dont fall for the trap for being they're fuck buddy or lets just say "friends with benefits" *cringe* but from experience guys would prefer you(girls) to just be the words of alexis "Be the person you wnat to attract".ahh * turns to tv & watches t4* ohh ive forgotton were i was....*thinks* but yehh mmm be opened to people to guys/girls/ure friends.Also when i say opened..i mean dont judge,not being antisocial. i dont mean-the-slutty-type-im-soo-cool.It might be RAD being know as the slutty friend for now but u can blatently tell everyone will PARR you off(secretly)..even the person you might off liked aswell.
Ps: Forgive me for using the word RAD..but watching wayy too much hanna montana shows lately.

A premiere about Cycling??? and more

LONDON TO PARIS from Amazing Grace on Vimeo.
Ill shall be looking forward to seeing you there..say hello aswell when you see me..but obviously bring me cupcakes aswell b4 you do! ;)

Alrite Guv'nor