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A Story.

Today is my birthday...well not really today as its WAYY past 12 o'clock...Anyways Im 19 now!

Basically my sister bought me pizza as a birthday present (cheap or what!!) pretty sure if i turn my head to the right i'll see the box...i wasnt gonna do it but I am now..

*turns head*

Yea, there it is.

Anyways I had like quite a few slices and I was bloated and then I went to the fridge and there was only orange juice. And to be honest orange juice is nice and all but it only does one thing.

If your one of those people I suggest you stop reading now...

Still here ok kool.

After about 10 minutes the orange juice had done what it came to do so I ran up stairs pulled down a pair tracksuit bottoms (notice I said a pair, yh, I have no idea whatsoever who belong to...they were clean and so ukno..)

And...I actually wee'd through my bum. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL

Goodnight : )

PS. Thats not my poo by the way...I lay tissue so I dnt get 'upsplash' this is a google find. And Its way to solid to be what fell out of me...