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Wifey/Hubby season

Now that summer's well and truely over we've reached wifey/hubby season. You spend summer linking/chirpsing whoever you like then winter rolls around and you know those day trips to Brighton and wasting days in Hyde Park are replaced with going to cinema or mooching in their duvet and jamming at their yard all day.

often made at hubby/wifey season
-Settling for the first wasteman that chirpes, just because of the alarming rate of the sun going down earlier and earlier everyday.
-W.A.NG. girls do not settle for these men! (or ladiez if you swing that way) Wifey/Hubby season lasts through Christmas, New Years, Valentine's day (and your birthday if you're a winter baby) so pick carefully, or if boyfriend/girlfriend's the last thing you want its time to start airing anyone trynna link you!

My new Bike Crush.

PEOPLE!!!.Can i just state this bike is beautiful.i think i love it more than plantain..and i love plantain.hmmmmmmmmmmm
if you could have sex with this bike i would..
actually a guy had sex with his car but as i was saying the colours are just orgasmic.
if you find me a guy like that..ill tap him.
when i say a guy like that..i mean an optimist peng guy..please dont find me a clown or hulaloopa.

Meet my duchebag Mate.

Hey im Amie sia Byron Wolfe and of recent I have had to separate myself from my duchebag mates,its just not cool you know?

OK so every group of friends has one, and if you don't know who it is then.. IT IS YOU>>we put up with you because we are your MATES so why are you always......
+e.g having non -attending tendencies to things..... like all the parties your invited to but complaining when we stop inviting you to shit
+not being able to speak to people out of your comfort zones (you suck because everyone else does it for you)
+being violent to us when to are intoxicated by the numerous drugs that you are addicted to (nobody's life is entirely drug free but everyone needs limits).
+always complaining when things don't go your way
+you are not Derren brown so stop trying to MIND FUCK YOUR OWN MATES, this includes manipulating every situation ,just to get your own way is wrong and you shouldn't do this....if a friend to YOU is someone that does whatever the fuck you want then we want no part in your mind fuckery.
is there an emotional nerve that was cut out your head at birth?
even with all your social flaws we are still friends and yet you think that I am the one being flaky with you?
me thinks that you erm.... BULLSHIT MUCH? how is it, that when I go halves with you on food , I get £0 change back? not to mention the time you slept with someone knowing full well that we liked each other. Is it so impossible for you to comprehend for even a split second that the axis the earth spins around isn't your hairy fat arse? No don't make that im-so-confused-as-to-why-you-guys-are-being-soo-mean-to-me? face that you always make when people are trying to give you some advice ,just SUCK IT UP and get over YOU,we all know that even you are not that naive and retarded.....just a DICK-HEAD really>seriously your a good friend but you know that there's more inside and that you have a lot to give so stop douching on us all and we wont remind you of all the times that the prick in you raised its ugly head

and how you would sell the souls and kidneys of YOUR FRIENDS for another bottle of bear and half a gram of cocaine ,then-we-can-stop-having-this-conversation-deal?

Le lace & cigarro

At the headquarters of w.a.n.g headquarters meaning our rooms.We've all found that will all have a mutual love for lace(even the guys).in chani's case ..LACE JUMPSUIT.
originally in the victorian times ; lace was shown to be a sign of wealth, elegance now in some cases has connotations of prostitution,ludeness,etc ..all link back to mary magdalene.thats the hooker lady from the bible.
(silent bars)
Now i cant remeber what this post was intended for. ermmm

Girls!! Dont smoke. eventually youre teeth will get fucked and ure breath will sink when you finally get that smooch from the hot guy and he'll never kiss you again and you be sad and it'll put you off relationships and possibly marriage and you'll just end up an old middle aged wrinkly woman with cats.You'll be called the cat lady.Do you want that? huh?? all because you wanted that little zoot

...... WELL I DO

SMOKE YOU LIFE AWAY and when youre a cat lady.invite me over to youre house


I'm Kirsty

I'll be posting photos I take such as

and amusing stuff I come across like my friend Shawn's project

Josh you've gotta accept my love for milk.


There is it ..the very first official post and it abouts milk
ive just realises how amaizing it is and the memories that are flowing back..when i say memories..i dont mean me sucking from my mums when i was baby..Im talking about the time when i was 7 & i was late for school because i was still drinking my milk (& eating my biscuits) but i didnt wanna waste it. those milk i speak about was actually good considering i have amazing teeth but yehh what i talking rambling....thats it..
But now im all grown up ive moved from my little childish addiction to eating & talking about this beauty called Plantain...Lush stuff
Speaking of lush stuff.....Dang!!!


Soo You wanna tell me josh beech isnt lush?? huhuh? i thought soOO
hope u still love me....but
I reckon his rather fit but Heyy u might differ

About us.

We are not gully ..seriously
We dont try to be gully and we kinda talk about random shit that you'll eventually love
We wanna be friend you know....not your "friend buddy" tho cuz we all know we're that'll end up
no?? yes??
i figured...