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Wifey/Hubby season

Now that summer's well and truely over we've reached wifey/hubby season. You spend summer linking/chirpsing whoever you like then winter rolls around and you know those day trips to Brighton and wasting days in Hyde Park are replaced with going to cinema or mooching in their duvet and jamming at their yard all day.

often made at hubby/wifey season
-Settling for the first wasteman that chirpes, just because of the alarming rate of the sun going down earlier and earlier everyday.
-W.A.NG. girls do not settle for these men! (or ladiez if you swing that way) Wifey/Hubby season lasts through Christmas, New Years, Valentine's day (and your birthday if you're a winter baby) so pick carefully, or if boyfriend/girlfriend's the last thing you want its time to start airing anyone trynna link you!