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Living Proof VS Work it VS WTF?

i have a feeling that i am not alone in the thought that the "pre-Halloween party"(30th of October) held by the Living Proof/Work it crew ..was...erm...shall we say INADEQUATE at the least and a fucking FLOP just so you know how serious of a matter this is , our old -out- of- touch- friends the metropolitan police decided to take a visit down the the warehouse on curtain road .

Firstly speaking to queue members who where there from 9 pm (as stated on the "invite") who were then told that it wouldn't start until 10pm maybe 11pm if we feel like it, then later when they returned at 10:30pm there a queue the size that can only be compared to people in war torn countries waiting for food aid (messy). I am sure that the event holders were unaware of how their door staff were quite RUDE *seriously , people in a queue are your customers ,and if you want them to shake their ass at YOUR event you had better get a book on manners*

Then of course was the sound system inside, CRAP (to be fair this probably wasn't the organisers fault either) however TURNING UP THE SOUND is the job of the DJ and that didn't happen until the last hour and a half of the "rave". The only reason that made me thing "actually this is shit and i could just buy drinks and play my sound system(which has the best speakers possibly known to man) and have a better rave at home" is solely because like 50% of the people there i actually go to Living proof and its fucking fantastic , Work it is also good , so why the fuckety fuck is a collaboration between these TITANS of A-MAZING old school nights out so is that even possible? maybe this was just a mathematical anomaly? who knows .. maybe the ghost a Mexican drug cartel decided to get his revenge on that night?
THEY SHUT THE RAVE DOWN before it could even get so good it would "make you wanna slap yo mama"
Or maybe this is another reason why police should get a life and stop raiding warehouse raves/all raves as a matter of fact. i mean really now look at the people in the queue for such events, who would bring a shank to living roof or a gun to work it ? the only things that would be on their minds are if some one stole their 6th gear bike , vomited on their baseball jacket or stepped on their fresh-from-the-box-Nike SBs.

That aside for the whole 2hours of the shindig ,it was actually pretty good and worth the mere £3 (with a costume) £5 (being a bore and wearing your own garments even thou its Halloween).
Although the crowd outside were *coughs* just the five people nearest to the door where being so cheap and asking for their back ,come on people £3 is a meal at KFC and £5 is a kebab home, I'm sure your purse didn't miss those coins now or are they cheap to and stole my mates fucking right foot trainer?


Nicki Minaj is the self proclaimed black haraluku-sumfin barbie.she's practically like girl version of lilwayne but obviously with massive ORANGES and loads of junk in that trunk.She's actually writes all her stuff but its mainly like dumb things like.. "u were in new york and fucking that yankee" "i get more head than that fake gyal"
"im the only thing hopping like a kangeroo" "the bitches can find they're men cuz im ridin em"
She's soo annoying i actually find her jokes and pretty amazing for being openly annoying and FINEEEEEE!!!!!

Ohh! Smut me good.

Probably the most "sexually charged" clothing line to come out of uk since elton john..mmm but yehh they have provocative signs tees and rather fit models including the rather lovely alex aka sim-wise (girl in the 2nd picture).Oh yehh they throw rather cool parties that even ure nan wouldnt mind going ..You know a chance to get daggered a bit..Ok? i dont know how thats related but ima shullup!! Feel free to cum..

Patricia Schmid *gasps*

Dont get too wet by the way..its only pictures..haha


What happen to the good ol days wen you just fuck someone for the sake- of -fucking.Now you have to go thru a whole know procedure Buy em a Drink/Take em for tea or... actually like em.I know they're people out there who are brave enough to get a random fittie give a blow job or finger blast em..but thats not me..Frick.If only.There's been times were ive had to chance for a quick bang bang(with rather peng guys) but im a hopeless romantic..i actually wanna like the person not love but atleast i would like to feel the care felt sumfin for me..(like mmmm babe ure the world..mmm i love u soo much) speaking of love...I've actually avoided saying that word in a relationship...mmm.The thing is im actually afraid of i have the fear of being with someone for like years and eventually getting bored but tend i get stuck in the relationship or now marriage bcuz we have five fat children.Ok??Maybe im getting abit carried away.But thinking back i never take chances...they're been a guy currently in my life n they almost of fuckable-even-making-out-chances ive blowed with him is pretty actually surprised he still likes me.In case ure like "wtf is she going about? " this was a guy ive like pretty much fancied since the day i meet him but he had a girlfriend and then he broke up with his girlfriend then it came out he likedme on(phone) but everytime we meet we pretend like that conversation never happen..kj//qwe*vga 52.I should stop rambling cuz i need to eat..mmm .toast and butter?? I would actually prefer to have some peanut butter but its finished.FUCK.

Wang x Upper Playground..well kinda

I caught up from Amar from Upper playground to discuss creative talent,come dine with me and something about food poisoning??? Enjoy.
photos by matthew fargraphy

Funmi/wang:Bruv,How's it going?
Amar:All good here. Watching Deal or No Deal.
Funmi/wang:Hows ure culinary other words..Can you cook?
Amar:Not really. M&S is my saviour.
Funmi/wang:Who would be your ideal "come dine with me" contestants?
Amar:People I dislike as I would probably give them food poisoning ;o).
Funmi/wang:Oh yehh,, soo tell me about upper playground?
Amar:We are a contemporary art inspired clothing/gallery company. We work with hundreds of international artists and have brought out some of the most creative designs over the past 10 years.

Funmi/wang:Rumour that you guys just bribe people with free drinks and love???
Amar:Oh it's like that? We do give a lot of love, just happens to be a few cases of beer kicking around. We like to share.
Funmi/wang:I just saw ure business card just now and ure managing director.ehhh is that you...whats does that mean?
Amar:My role is to develop the brand within the U.K. We are the only Upper Playground store covering Europe. It's not only the day to day running of the business but also to implement plan's for the future. More stores, curate more shows, seek out new artists......
Funmi/wang:Does this role come with any perks?
Amar: get to meet and work with some very talented artists!
Funmi/wang:e.g Free russian prostitutes?
Amar:You guy's ask very unusual questions.
Funmi/wang:Speaking of prostitutes; Jodie Marsh or Paris Hilton?
Amar:The one with the nose. Have to put a bag over her head though.
Funmi/wang:Do you like small or big boobs?
Amar: More of a bum man..... No homo.
Funmi/wang:I noticed you had rather peng trainers...whats the any hook-ups?
Amar:Who doesn't like trainers. Although nothing has caught my eye recently. No hook ups im afraid.
Funmi/wang:future plans for upper playground?
Amar: Widen peoples knowledge of Walrus culture!
Check out amar and the rest of the crew @ upper playground(& obviously buy some stuff too aswell)

31 Kingly Street
London W1B 5BQ, U.K

Doll face??

"A machine with a doll face mimics images
on television screen in search of a satisfactory
visage. Doll Face presents a visual account
of desires misplaced and identities
fractured by our technological extension
into the future

It gets so lost in trying to improve itself,
that it just wants more,ultimately destroying itself.

I'll make the Gyaldem sing for me

I love Ghetts??? or ghetto..well whatever his name.
Dont you just love the fact that everyone -is -jumping- on -the -funky -house -bandwagon.i aint complaining but its just become slightly cliche thats all.
Apart from him slightly moving away from his usual bait grime self. Incase you hadnt notice in his chipmunk-ey voice,he pretty jokes and has the lyrical ability to maintain and cope with the "ooooooooo...ohhh yehhh" girl singing in the song.
"Singgg badadadaddaa"
"ill make the gyaldem sing for me"
"its in my swagger; ask chanel..its all about my dagger"

Welcome to brighton

This is Elliot. He’s trying his hardest here to grate some nutmeg so he can have a vomit inducing trip for the next few hours. He gave up and ended up drinking some ayuasca instead.

Lowell is one of my favourite people ever and yes his name really is Lowell. This is after a night at volks he decided hugging a litre of vodka was better than trying to sober up.

The famous pavilion gardens (pavvy g) used by all teenagers and tramps as a place to get pissed, do k and listen to dubstep on their phones.

Brighton seems to have begun developing a gang culture (a really shit one). The majority of these lads are actually middle class private school kids who listen to grime and their main dream in life is to live in Brixton.


AA * Space allusions

Ohh yehh thats April Alexander by the way and something tells me you will be hearing that name ..alot.


in·ad·e·quate: Not adequate to fulfill a need or meet a requirement; insufficient.

Total definition of how I feel.  Im missing something guys!

Yea, like im too short to get a ballon in the celing so I can frivolously play with my cousins at a unknown reletives 50th birthday bash!...Sorry my mind ran abit!

Anyways...Just incase you're not aware...

If you havent got yours yet...Sort it out mate!  You need some kind of cross collection on your neck for the season.

Thats it from me...untill next time...

This is Larry...? for W.A.N.G

Oren Lavie - Her morning elegance

Stolen from my girlfriends blog.

Your such a cobra snake but a fit one though.

Incase you just thought i posted some random photos of some next girl just for your pleasure.well your wrong ..i aint ure perv master..ok??? i aint ure suppliers of pictures of russian looking girls. Alrite???These are from the Cobra shop ..taken from Cobra snake and for those who aint clue.. thats the photoblog by mark hunter that documents the undergroud party culture.Soo really and truly he just got the bait party girls on the scene(except cory kennedy) to take some shots or in the words of snoop dogg "shizzle" .

 "Vintage items for sale at The Cobra Shop have been hand-picked by
The Cobrasnake on his adventures all over the world and are unique,
one-of-a-kind, and used".

Click here to see more stuffage

in this dust

once, I was lost
to the point of disgust
I had in my sight
lack of vision
lack of light
I fell hard
I fell fast
mercy me
it’ll never last

then, in the dust
all the things
we discussed
were thrown to the wind
so at last
we begin
‘cuz we fall hard
we fall fast
mercy me
it’ll never last

Point Of Disgust - Low

thoughts of a madman

diving into a deeper sense of consciousness i transend spoken word and sharpen my pencil. With the pencil as my sword and the paper my enemy i launch myself at the target and attack both violently and cautiously, hoping to appear towards the end of this war in my own mind victorious and unharmed. When i have done something stupid and really got worked up about it i find it extremely difficult to talk, yet i find writing to be the most simple of tasks. I have this habit of ruining the most important of things in my life without even trying, and while i do this i spiral into a bottomless pit of macabre thoughts and depression.

Little Kadoga by Cheri Samba

Over the last decade, the Democratic Republic of Congo has witnessed one of the blodiest wars in African history. The conflict has been especially notorious for the widespread enlisting and indoctrination of child combats who, is estimated, compromise around 40% of some armies and militas. In this work, the young boy wearing combat fatigues with his hands up in surrender is presented as a pawn manipulated by the third, armed hand emerging from behind his back. Kadogo is Sahili slang in the Democratic Republic of Congo for a child soldier.

Wats ure ASL? babe

In this new age of guys getting hornier...ermm girls getting hornier too
and when boredom srtikes and you just happen to own a computer(internet)
...a site called teen chat among our have seem to cure our restlesssnesswell not mine.
So i planned was to go on this site and ask people if they wanted tell me what they experiences n chat site were but all i got was
i was soo dishearthed and emotional by all this and Finally someone came to talk to me.well he goes by the name of guyuk...well here was our convo.-----> (it lasted 15 mins)

/>guyuk:hey how are you do you wnna see my jack off?
wang:excuseee..i think ill pass
wang:dude just watch porn or teluttubies or just want saddam hussein getting hanged..hahhaa
guyuk: well its more fun when girls watch? ;)
wang:seriously?? if she was some next butterzzz 16 year old with spots that looked like skittles
i dont care really.
wang:well what brings you hear?
guyuk: you chat with like minded people..& fun ;)
wang: fair enough.....(then silence for like 7 and a half minutes)
guyuk:do wanna watch wank or not?
wang:sorrry im a man...
well if you like tha ;)
you sed u were female
wang:well i changed to a female 3 years agoo..
guyuk: omg
wang: Do yo still want me to watch you jerk off? ;)
guyuk : YOURE SICK.

hey young world

Who is Slick Rick?!?!

"hey young world I'm the new slick rick"
well its definitely not him i can assure you that

"You made me miss the Slick Rick" and its definitley not her.


so who is this guy?!?!

Slick Rick a guy that talks sence! hmmmm.....well kind of, just dont listen to the first verse he talks rubbish

"Hey young world... the world is yours"

well according to scientific study the world is 4.5 billion years old
and guys the world is not ours we just wish it was.

"This rap here... it may cause concern its
Broad and deep... why dont you listen and learn"

hmmm.... he sounds like a nice guy a bit of a neek though.

......Ladies and Gentlemen.......

Now hold on a min this guy is a G! that actually talks sense! How Ironic?!?

and the motto today is...


Peice c☮s i is A

Listen up Rude BWOY!

Certified Merkerz - Stand For Our Name
Shamz posted this song on twitter and i couldnt stop laughing..ive actually never seen a song this bad.Ok. I wouldnt call myself a grime head or that i listen to skepta everyday but jheezzzzzzz.they kinda remind me of the tweenies, thats if the tweenies- could- rap- badly- and happen -to- shop- at mckenzie..hah

You know what as im writing this post im actually listening this song on a loop..its actually not that bad
the little kid that spits in the actually adorable ..i wanna adopt him but dont get it twisted dnt do a "david cameron" and "hug a hoody" you will get punch.

FACT. yes the little kid will beat u up...if you don know???get to knwo innit bruvv

Certified Merkerz are the new blazin squad


Hi all...Larry...? here....

Yh, im sighing!  I feel enadequate.  I have no money, my room is a mess so i cant find any clothes ...I've been leaving my house looking a right mess for a little while now.

Ive come to the end of my tether...Yeah! Ive had enough....I need t do something! I need to do something now!

...Normally this is the time where I start explaining my pre-formatted solution...But today's different.  I have no solution.  Its not just about the clothes, life just gets abit tough as a teenager don't you think?? (its not a rhetorical question...i want answers!!) especially when you're not gully!!!

Anyways...yh, its not just about clothes...If i was a girl though I think I could easily sort it out...tomorrow morningI'd just throw on some killer heels like these....

Gianmarco Lorenzi a boy....a broke boy.   I WANT MONEY....I have this imaginary shopping list that grows by the day its not even a joke...

the top of the list!


Anyways...Im getting depressed! End of post


do a post ,do a FAAAAACKIN POST

that's all I have had in my ear for the past 5 days, FUNMI aka thatlondongirl FUCK OFF!
alright so Amie aka Byrons back to bring you the bloggers best ,and today kids we are learning about......


basically when you are on drugs or around people taking drugs there are certain rules that one must keep to, certain rules that are just POLITE!.
on nights out I have notice the *coughs* certain people have no DRUG ETIQUETTE what so ever! how BLOODY RUDE .

I mean come on dude its my KETAMINE and I can NOT SHARE it with you if I want!
YOU DIDN'T have-to-wait-10-minutes-in-Dalston-for-your-dealer-to-finish-ploughing-his-bird-before-he-packed-up-your-KET.
YOU DIDN'T, get funny looks from the "local" Chavs on the estate trying to "Chirpse" (I believe that is the correct term) you

Drug Etiquette : The TEN COMMANDMENTS

1.Thou shalt not want thy neighbours narcotics (wait until you are offered)

2.Thou shalt NOT fiend they neighbours narcotics (this means being a ponce and taking more than your given)

3.Thou shalt share and share equally (with respects to purchasing drugs with your friends,if 3 of you chip in on 3 grams ,then you should ALL get the same amount, I.e 1 gram)

4.Thou shalt always PUFF.PUFF.PASS

5.If someone your with is having a bad trip, then . STAY WITH THEM or call a fucking ambulance, don't just leave and fuck off home!

6.Thou shalt not try to put off a come -down. its inevitable like male blading, the more uppers you take to stop having a comedown (which when you do) will just make your come-down more butterz and last longer

7.Thou shalt not take advantage of people that have passed out or are K holing, "HA HA isn't it funny that time when we put a dirty sock in Tim's mouth when he was passed out?"
"or do you remember the time we left jade's face on the radiator whilst she was fucked on K?" yes it was funny, however because of your actions Tim now has HIV and Jade's face is scared and permanently slanted.

8.Thou shalt not mix alcohol with ANY TYPE OF PILL OR SNORTED SUBSTANCE, because you will pass out and die, this is how fatalities occur , yeah we know your mate "Jake done it and was fine the next day" BLAH BLAH. But you only have one liver and once that's fucked up you really will be "piling it up" for like. THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and not the type that make you feel good but the ones you take , so that you don't DIE from drinking a Pepsi.

9.Thou shalt NEVER try and force an addiction onto anyone.If you take drugs WOOO HOOO well done ,but if your mates don't then power to 'em. DON'T BE A DOUCHE and try and force your habits onto someone else. Narcotics don't go well with everyone and don't make EVERYONE feel good.Some people die the first time they take anything other than a Spliff (not saying that weed has NO drawbacks).Some people are happy with just having a Lucazade instead of "Lucy" for the night .

10.Thou shalt always make sure you take what you can handle. and if you value your life remember that all drugs (legal included) are a foreign stimulus and thus potentially dangerous so NEVER TAKE A GRAM OF ANYTHING.EVER.AT ALL. got it? GoOd....

he would probably shag you in the face

if you don't know much about narcotics ,don't take an un-informed risk don't waste time praying to jebus ,

JUST talk to FRANK

We ARe W.A.N.G and We LoVE your partyshank!