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Living Proof VS Work it VS WTF?

i have a feeling that i am not alone in the thought that the "pre-Halloween party"(30th of October) held by the Living Proof/Work it crew ..was...erm...shall we say INADEQUATE at the least and a fucking FLOP just so you know how serious of a matter this is , our old -out- of- touch- friends the metropolitan police decided to take a visit down the the warehouse on curtain road .

Firstly speaking to queue members who where there from 9 pm (as stated on the "invite") who were then told that it wouldn't start until 10pm maybe 11pm if we feel like it, then later when they returned at 10:30pm there a queue the size that can only be compared to people in war torn countries waiting for food aid (messy). I am sure that the event holders were unaware of how their door staff were quite RUDE *seriously , people in a queue are your customers ,and if you want them to shake their ass at YOUR event you had better get a book on manners*

Then of course was the sound system inside, CRAP (to be fair this probably wasn't the organisers fault either) however TURNING UP THE SOUND is the job of the DJ and that didn't happen until the last hour and a half of the "rave". The only reason that made me thing "actually this is shit and i could just buy drinks and play my sound system(which has the best speakers possibly known to man) and have a better rave at home" is solely because like 50% of the people there i actually go to Living proof and its fucking fantastic , Work it is also good , so why the fuckety fuck is a collaboration between these TITANS of A-MAZING old school nights out so is that even possible? maybe this was just a mathematical anomaly? who knows .. maybe the ghost a Mexican drug cartel decided to get his revenge on that night?
THEY SHUT THE RAVE DOWN before it could even get so good it would "make you wanna slap yo mama"
Or maybe this is another reason why police should get a life and stop raiding warehouse raves/all raves as a matter of fact. i mean really now look at the people in the queue for such events, who would bring a shank to living roof or a gun to work it ? the only things that would be on their minds are if some one stole their 6th gear bike , vomited on their baseball jacket or stepped on their fresh-from-the-box-Nike SBs.

That aside for the whole 2hours of the shindig ,it was actually pretty good and worth the mere £3 (with a costume) £5 (being a bore and wearing your own garments even thou its Halloween).
Although the crowd outside were *coughs* just the five people nearest to the door where being so cheap and asking for their back ,come on people £3 is a meal at KFC and £5 is a kebab home, I'm sure your purse didn't miss those coins now or are they cheap to and stole my mates fucking right foot trainer?