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do a post ,do a FAAAAACKIN POST

that's all I have had in my ear for the past 5 days, FUNMI aka thatlondongirl FUCK OFF!
alright so Amie aka Byrons back to bring you the bloggers best ,and today kids we are learning about......


basically when you are on drugs or around people taking drugs there are certain rules that one must keep to, certain rules that are just POLITE!.
on nights out I have notice the *coughs* certain people have no DRUG ETIQUETTE what so ever! how BLOODY RUDE .

I mean come on dude its my KETAMINE and I can NOT SHARE it with you if I want!
YOU DIDN'T have-to-wait-10-minutes-in-Dalston-for-your-dealer-to-finish-ploughing-his-bird-before-he-packed-up-your-KET.
YOU DIDN'T, get funny looks from the "local" Chavs on the estate trying to "Chirpse" (I believe that is the correct term) you

Drug Etiquette : The TEN COMMANDMENTS

1.Thou shalt not want thy neighbours narcotics (wait until you are offered)

2.Thou shalt NOT fiend they neighbours narcotics (this means being a ponce and taking more than your given)

3.Thou shalt share and share equally (with respects to purchasing drugs with your friends,if 3 of you chip in on 3 grams ,then you should ALL get the same amount, I.e 1 gram)

4.Thou shalt always PUFF.PUFF.PASS

5.If someone your with is having a bad trip, then . STAY WITH THEM or call a fucking ambulance, don't just leave and fuck off home!

6.Thou shalt not try to put off a come -down. its inevitable like male blading, the more uppers you take to stop having a comedown (which when you do) will just make your come-down more butterz and last longer

7.Thou shalt not take advantage of people that have passed out or are K holing, "HA HA isn't it funny that time when we put a dirty sock in Tim's mouth when he was passed out?"
"or do you remember the time we left jade's face on the radiator whilst she was fucked on K?" yes it was funny, however because of your actions Tim now has HIV and Jade's face is scared and permanently slanted.

8.Thou shalt not mix alcohol with ANY TYPE OF PILL OR SNORTED SUBSTANCE, because you will pass out and die, this is how fatalities occur , yeah we know your mate "Jake done it and was fine the next day" BLAH BLAH. But you only have one liver and once that's fucked up you really will be "piling it up" for like. THE REST OF YOUR LIFE and not the type that make you feel good but the ones you take , so that you don't DIE from drinking a Pepsi.

9.Thou shalt NEVER try and force an addiction onto anyone.If you take drugs WOOO HOOO well done ,but if your mates don't then power to 'em. DON'T BE A DOUCHE and try and force your habits onto someone else. Narcotics don't go well with everyone and don't make EVERYONE feel good.Some people die the first time they take anything other than a Spliff (not saying that weed has NO drawbacks).Some people are happy with just having a Lucazade instead of "Lucy" for the night .

10.Thou shalt always make sure you take what you can handle. and if you value your life remember that all drugs (legal included) are a foreign stimulus and thus potentially dangerous so NEVER TAKE A GRAM OF ANYTHING.EVER.AT ALL. got it? GoOd....

he would probably shag you in the face

if you don't know much about narcotics ,don't take an un-informed risk don't waste time praying to jebus ,

JUST talk to FRANK

We ARe W.A.N.G and We LoVE your partyshank!