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This one thought i had today...

Have you ever had that feeling where you just stop thinking? All of a sudden, momentarily your thoughts are suspended in space and time. Yet not in space, just time; because the space it is being suspended in is not really a space but more of a rather large gap in your mind. Its quite disconcerting because when there are no thoughts in your mind there are no emotions, and no emotions means no facial expressions and with no facial expressions then you are just a blank canvas of well; nothing. When I see a man, or woman or in fact a child with a completely blank face, I automatically think there are no emotions in that human beings face and that means there are no thoughts. And with no thoughts they are in that deep dark hole of nothingness that no human being finds them selves comfortable residing in. Furthering this theory of nothingness I’ve realised nothing still has to be something otherwise how else would we be able to describe it? And where would this nothingness have come from, as something cannot create itself. Such wild thoughts pull me from this horrible hole of no thoughts and my thought process begins again.

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