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What happen to the good ol days wen you just fuck someone for the sake- of -fucking.Now you have to go thru a whole know procedure Buy em a Drink/Take em for tea or... actually like em.I know they're people out there who are brave enough to get a random fittie give a blow job or finger blast em..but thats not me..Frick.If only.There's been times were ive had to chance for a quick bang bang(with rather peng guys) but im a hopeless romantic..i actually wanna like the person not love but atleast i would like to feel the care felt sumfin for me..(like mmmm babe ure the world..mmm i love u soo much) speaking of love...I've actually avoided saying that word in a relationship...mmm.The thing is im actually afraid of i have the fear of being with someone for like years and eventually getting bored but tend i get stuck in the relationship or now marriage bcuz we have five fat children.Ok??Maybe im getting abit carried away.But thinking back i never take chances...they're been a guy currently in my life n they almost of fuckable-even-making-out-chances ive blowed with him is pretty actually surprised he still likes me.In case ure like "wtf is she going about? " this was a guy ive like pretty much fancied since the day i meet him but he had a girlfriend and then he broke up with his girlfriend then it came out he likedme on(phone) but everytime we meet we pretend like that conversation never happen..kj//qwe*vga 52.I should stop rambling cuz i need to eat..mmm .toast and butter?? I would actually prefer to have some peanut butter but its finished.FUCK.