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Wang x Upper Playground..well kinda

I caught up from Amar from Upper playground to discuss creative talent,come dine with me and something about food poisoning??? Enjoy.
photos by matthew fargraphy

Funmi/wang:Bruv,How's it going?
Amar:All good here. Watching Deal or No Deal.
Funmi/wang:Hows ure culinary other words..Can you cook?
Amar:Not really. M&S is my saviour.
Funmi/wang:Who would be your ideal "come dine with me" contestants?
Amar:People I dislike as I would probably give them food poisoning ;o).
Funmi/wang:Oh yehh,, soo tell me about upper playground?
Amar:We are a contemporary art inspired clothing/gallery company. We work with hundreds of international artists and have brought out some of the most creative designs over the past 10 years.

Funmi/wang:Rumour that you guys just bribe people with free drinks and love???
Amar:Oh it's like that? We do give a lot of love, just happens to be a few cases of beer kicking around. We like to share.
Funmi/wang:I just saw ure business card just now and ure managing director.ehhh is that you...whats does that mean?
Amar:My role is to develop the brand within the U.K. We are the only Upper Playground store covering Europe. It's not only the day to day running of the business but also to implement plan's for the future. More stores, curate more shows, seek out new artists......
Funmi/wang:Does this role come with any perks?
Amar: get to meet and work with some very talented artists!
Funmi/wang:e.g Free russian prostitutes?
Amar:You guy's ask very unusual questions.
Funmi/wang:Speaking of prostitutes; Jodie Marsh or Paris Hilton?
Amar:The one with the nose. Have to put a bag over her head though.
Funmi/wang:Do you like small or big boobs?
Amar: More of a bum man..... No homo.
Funmi/wang:I noticed you had rather peng trainers...whats the any hook-ups?
Amar:Who doesn't like trainers. Although nothing has caught my eye recently. No hook ups im afraid.
Funmi/wang:future plans for upper playground?
Amar: Widen peoples knowledge of Walrus culture!
Check out amar and the rest of the crew @ upper playground(& obviously buy some stuff too aswell)

31 Kingly Street
London W1B 5BQ, U.K