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Alright so...I'm the latest and final addition to the W.A.N.G crew (I think).

And I'm here because I'm weird and "fashion'y"...Yea, picture is not on the side there....*cough cough* I didnt really wanna say anything cos im the new guy in the office you see...yh!

So Yea...Anyways, for my first post Im just gonna tell you readers as much about myself as possible before I get bored, because then I'll just abrubtly end and leave you hanging in dispair and confusion!

So my name is Larry...?

...Thats "Larry DOT DOT DOT QUESTION MARK"! Yeah! When you see me your actually supposed to say 'Hey, Larry dot dot dot question-mark' (your just supposed to say it really fast as though its just a regular name!!

So, I'm gonna give you a few minutes to practice while I find a picture to show you...

*opens a new tab, checks a few blogs.....*

*realises you've finished practicing and have become a pro*

That wasnt enough time! no picture yet!...But you've got the name down so lets move on.

Im 18, in college, studying fashion and planning to become a Stylist/Photographer...Im bored now, so we're fast aporching the abrupt finish!

Im tall skinny and black I live in south london where everyone loks at me like im a total nutter! Basically Im crazy about shoes...mens & womens (im not a wearer of them though! NO heals for me...) So most of my post will have alot to do with footwear and I have a tendancy to disrespectfully tell people about how they should and shouldn't dresss. So when Im 'informin' you...please dont get offended. Its all for the greater cause!

So with all the fashion weeks just pasted, Ive got alot of ground to cover so lets get this show on the road...

Alexander Mqueeen's SS2010 show, Im not gonna lie and say hes one of my favourite designers because he's not, its just I saw these....

Exactly, There out of this world...

I'm not so sure abou the prints on these garments, to be honest Im not really a big fan of these types of random prints and textiles....nah!

Im in love with these last two...

So yea, in conclusion....Hmmm ok!!  So no conclusion....

Alright then...Goodnight!!


[All pictures from STYLE.COM]