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Hi all...Larry...? here....

Yh, im sighing!  I feel enadequate.  I have no money, my room is a mess so i cant find any clothes ...I've been leaving my house looking a right mess for a little while now.

Ive come to the end of my tether...Yeah! Ive had enough....I need t do something! I need to do something now!

...Normally this is the time where I start explaining my pre-formatted solution...But today's different.  I have no solution.  Its not just about the clothes, life just gets abit tough as a teenager don't you think?? (its not a rhetorical question...i want answers!!) especially when you're not gully!!!

Anyways...yh, its not just about clothes...If i was a girl though I think I could easily sort it out...tomorrow morningI'd just throw on some killer heels like these....

Gianmarco Lorenzi a boy....a broke boy.   I WANT MONEY....I have this imaginary shopping list that grows by the day its not even a joke...

the top of the list!


Anyways...Im getting depressed! End of post