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hello hello basically in case you dont dont know i love gingers, i love (skinny)guys, i love afros and whatcha know erin also known as FuchsiaStiletto showed me this guy's twitter after our lil convo aboout our love for gingers.i present to you Afro_e (i do need to seriously get his...real name.snaps)............ my blantent new crush. FACT!

i was actually pondering if i should do this post but fahk it, the worst thing that can happen is for him to realise that im-some-neek-who-nagged-erin-to email me pictures of him(preferably nude) to use for "wang". but these are the reasons why i find him lush *blush* ok, im getting ridiculous now, bare in mind IVE NEVER MEET THIS GUY BEFORE, but dont judge me, im a sucker for yummy ginger guys:
  • His PENGGGG(yes like a penguin)but just much more fitter(in human form)
  • He actually SPITS some bars (for all you cotton wool kids.."spits" meaning he raps)
  • He volunteers for special needs kids..awwwww(and aparently his decent at sign language,no prove for that though)
  • His JUST the best ginger..actually his in the top three gingers i fancy.

    he did a lil mix for lily allen's "the fear" its rather good one must say

To actually listen to him spit or just some his beats go here
or just find him on twitter

Answer the question!!!

If you lived in her body. Or was her the moment this picture was taken...

Apart from scratch your knee because its itching...

And get the apple out of your back molar...

Which pair of shoes would you walk out of this shop wearing???

(Don't worry they have your size...Just answer the question)

(Failure to answer the question may result in undesirable results...!)


This video has actually made my day.The uk's most annoying and weirdly adorable presenter nabil abdulrashid interviews snakey man, in which he refers to him as snakeyperson and kinda accusses him of false advertising...but yes wait till 2:32 ..when this Mr BADMAN-pullup reveals his name to be....arnold. BIG UP!

PS: Snakeyman is kinda leng *whispers* CALL ME!

Adele is NOT an arab gold digger

(adele is probably my MOST sarcastic mates and she's rather peng so i thought why not chat her up a bit for wang)lulz!
wang/thatlondongirl-brap brap
badman pull up!
Adele- lol bAD MAN FORWARD
wang/thatlondongirl-whats been goin on the wonderful world of adele?
Adele- is this joke?
wang/thatlondongirl -JUST ANSWER BEYATCH!
Adele - dont get rude...i find it repugnant. ok well today i was wating in the tesco line for fuckin ages and some half nigerian guy was infront of me, he has dred so naturally i thought he was from jam rock and i proceede to give him a nod.
then i came out of tescos and he is waiting for me and he then proceeds to talk to me about the winnie mandela documentary on last night
i have no idea what he os on a bout but nod just the same
then i realise that i do infact know who she is
NELSON MANDELAS WIFE"!duh?i think to my self
so we were walking talkinblah blah blah,long story short
he offers to teach me the guitaras he is a guitar teacher?!
and rather peng even though i dont really like dreds my self.dirty discuting
CLUMPS of hair
wang/thatlondongirl -you dont dredlocks?
you dont like nottinghill version of lilwayne??p ar upon par
Adele -not really ,oh they look good but they feeel ffgfhjg;;j .They look peng
but the texture is ... (silenece bars)
wang/thatlondongirl- adele tell all the readers about the bloody mixes u have in you??(can i just say ure computer is GAY)
like ure a cake
or smoochie
a mixed raced smoochie
Adele - wot the fuck?
yes quincey in gay
but wtf?
im not a milkshake i am a person?
lol only nigerian milk shakes contain blood...
sorry quincey is my computer and he is a homo
wang/thatlondongirl- i meant ure greek and stuf/freench/jamoo??
elaborate the milkshake collaboration?
Adele - Im part french greek jamaican scotish. i can do all the accents except for my main quartile... (my)jamaican accent is very hard..
very easy to sound like a .. how do u put it... BEG
wang/thatlondongirl - Lush
Adele -but i look arab so ....
wang/thatlondongirl-Whoaaa now you possibly stand a chance for get some ARAAABB MONNI!?
Adele -yeah...if you count arab pennies
Adele - Which if u dont know are worth didly squat
wang/thatlondongirl -adele beggers cant be choosers.just saying.
Adele -... ? yes thats true how stupid of me
wang/thatlondongirl - Very stupid. par on ureself!

Nollywood: Twin brothers

Incase the voiceover didnt make it clear, the films about TWIN BROTHERS, who basically seperated at birth, this is nigerian films @ its finest, i shall be making sure i keep you updated with all the amazing and well directed nigerian films(with HIGH RESOLUTION,and special effects)Respect!

Oh the Shore!

Here was a spread stunning model devon aoki did for self service magazine(fall/winter) 09, i adored this shoot, reminds me of the summer and the PARRRNESSST of this crappy london weather.ahh i need to go to the beach, someone take me to brighton , please or cornwall, just away from this rascclartt weather. Oh and kudos to the photographer max Farago and the stylist Suzanne Koller.


One word: Legendary

This is the future

Wafflegirls posted this picture and i couldnt stop smiling and grinning..strangely evily..hhahah.THIS IS THE FUTURE.obviously i still have the dream of tap dancing rats but FAHKK THAT...cats with the eyes of lazer who can hopefully sing like major lazer wouldnt that be amazing..ermm obviously yes it will.DONT CALL ME CRAZY.but maybe but just maybe these lazer cats could replaced our soldiers in the middle east and they can fight.Phowar! Kerching. Hmmm obviously the cats will win against the Al-Qaeda. and in the soundtrack for fight/battle..well technically..WAR will be MAJOR actually happy now,Phewwww us @ the wang headquarters have kinda...decided these lazer cats will be a great substitute for soldiers during any war we may have.ahhh

Skerrit Boy is a Legend(in my eyes)

notice how half way through the video he disapaears into thin dust with this mysterious *coughs* goddess
hahaha its not fair, i wanna be daggered , i feel like im misssing out on all the fun :/

B MONI talks to wang.

Alright guys, i caught up with bilal probably known as b moni, his an mc and COMEDIANNN.waa gwarnnn,this had the potential to be a great interview but me getting distracted by tap dancing rats and plantain didnt really help us bond that much.Also i got a "BRB" from him...i:e he ran away and vows never to let a girl like me waste his time on some soo called interview. here's how is went before he did a dissappearing act:

Funmi/wang: alright bilal
B moni:ask den
Funmi /wang: haha
i feel under pressure now.loooooool
B moni:ask ask ask
Funmi/wang:how ure culinary skills like(not like it related to anything comedy based)?
B moni:i know what a fork is i kno what a knife is
and a spoon
im nigerian so i kno how 2 eat with my hands aswell
Funmi/wang: not all nigerians use they're hands you know?
B moni:i know,
was thatserious question tho?
Funmi/wang: yup
it is indeed.
B moni: ermm ok
funmi/wang:before we continue what ure views on plantain?
B moni:that's the shit right there.. in every form... fried, roasted, raw, in a packet (crisps), jus hard
Funmi/wang:how did you get in comedy and all that malarky?
B moni:went 2 LOL show @ the end of 08
said do myself i can do this approached the promoter/ comedian mr cee hu's show it was.then in march 09 i did my first sohhh siickk!!
Funmi/wang:you seee what makes you stand out from the same ol joke tellers?
B moni:erm im jus real 2 b honest
jus say it exacly how i feel
Funmi/wang:Sooo,*coughs* tap dancing rats or a polar bear with the voice of mariah carey?
B moni:could dey be white rats? if so they wud remind me of stuart little.. and if they tried 2 sing they'd probly sound like mariah anyway
Funmi/wang: you want white rats ? Fahking racist
B moni:well a black rat dont look like stuart little does it
Funmi/wang: a light skin rat?
B moni:no white
Funmi/wang: Duh!
Funmi/wang:ohh i know for a fact that you not "fan" of big brother?
B moni: awww cmon
Funmi/wang: Nahhhh,share ure views
B moni: nxt question
Funmi/wang: *shakes nervously* weed or skittles?
B moni: Skittles

Cause i is A…..

I supress what you did with ure wink.Imagine us with cameras on ur heads.My mum believed she was cursed.We clicked.Eat it,the smell will fumegate ure chocolate.Its funny how clothes change you.It was a dry grass.Omg,i grunted.Journey to jamaica.Im lost???Keep it chemical free.I feel sick.A rusta,i love him.The sistrens could actually go far.Do you have orange wednesdays?? First the arabs,then the chinese and next it will be the french.If the police got on the bus right now,they’ll arrest me because ive got weapons(followed by evil grin)

(extracted from an trip from nottinghill to westfield shopping centre)

Waa Gwarrrning GIVENCHY??

G I V E N C H Y is my uncle ..Soo visit him here


Name: Kirsty Brady

Profession: Student

If you could invent anything ;what will it be?
*Would be a combined digital and 35mm camera that’s quite compact and won’t take up much room in my bag

The best thing about being youth and british in the 21st century?
The best thing about being a youth and British in the 21st century is that as a youth you have the most freedom I probably will ever have, no bills to pay, children to worry about when they miss their curfew. We don’t live under the fear for being persecuted for what we believe in, women have the same opportunities as men, free health care and there’s always fun shit going down

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In 10 years time I see myself doing something I love perhaps in Philadephia, feeling broody.

to read more stuff on the youts and whats its like to be young and british Have a lookage on

WOW.  Ive been abit of a ghost isnt it! 

Anyways.  Guess what.


By the way...

Try not to fall in the snow, because its highly embarrassing!  

do it do it do it do it do it , dont stop

cluck away

oh fragile love
how much your bright yellow ball of birth doth call me
i couldn't kill you if i tried
those first first steps you take
stumble to mother
fall down towards mother
cry for mother
cluck away
now your on the conveyor belt of life
elctro beats vaporise you head
the one last rave bfore bed
and you lie on a sweet plate of potatoes and carrots
stuffed with sage and onion
soaked in gravy
cluck no more

oh me oh my, im high as a kite

I gots Snow time

i love snow sooo much, its like when you make a snow man and hes sorrounded by snow, does he get all skitzo and think that he has been murdered or that he just let rip a potent packet of snow spunk on your front lawn?

snow men have a short but for filling life. they grace thousands of acres of land each winter, if they stuck around till the spring they would probably be a good target market for David Camerons dirty campaign. Has anyone seen it ? I swear he looks like a scrotum that someone has given a facelift too and attached a piece of Donald Trumps "coniving hair line" sometimes i reel at the fact that if other living organisms from other planets ever made contact with the earth they would think that each human being's face took inspiration from stretched scrotums. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

i had a naughty dream about a snow man, i think his name was frosty and he tried to bribe me with ice and a carrot stick, im no donkey sir so fuck off! but it did make me think how would that feel to be in the loving grip of a cold and ruthless ice box?

1. i would probably get frostbite would really really hurt
3.i think i might like the fact that ,it would really really hurt
4.i am slightly sadistic,
5.i think i would set fire to frosty shortly afterwards, i'm gully dont you know?

if you think of it, it's actually quite strange and irregular behaviour that we try to make people out of everything, (the wicker man, scarecrow,sand man,aqua man where does it end?) maybe loads of people just have a god complex.

Fancy a "FUCK"a?

Haaaaaaaaalow-a-low-a-low! Amber decided to purchase a 'FUCK' book from Urban Outfitters yesterday, anddddd taa daa we contributed in true 'FUCK' style. I speak in pictures, so czech it out below, mufasa!

Loads more "FUCK"ers on the website, although not as cool as ours :)




Why o why? i havent done a post about this. i havent got a clue.. actually i do my mate *couhs* amie was the reason. At some street party is was DAGGER rape *GASPS* its alright, everyone she wasnt reeeeeally rape, like in what you think,well maybe she was. i dont know but YES, this FRESHHHHH african man kept on DAGERRRING HER away in the sense that he kinda lost the initial bid to be cute and all rommantic in huge grant's moview but i feel bad now that i idnt come to her rescue by herrr RUSKKOOOO was djing.Fahking hell, that guy is G.I didnt evn bother to tie my shoe laces even tho i can see her in the corner saying "FUNMIIIIIIII HELPPPPP MEEEE"" but i feel bad, and i hope you forgive *coughs again* amie, ok??
welll his a video to show you want my mate went through by this any next fresh african dude who just wouldnt PISSS OFF!!