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This is the future

Wafflegirls posted this picture and i couldnt stop smiling and grinning..strangely evily..hhahah.THIS IS THE FUTURE.obviously i still have the dream of tap dancing rats but FAHKK THAT...cats with the eyes of lazer who can hopefully sing like major lazer wouldnt that be amazing..ermm obviously yes it will.DONT CALL ME CRAZY.but maybe but just maybe these lazer cats could replaced our soldiers in the middle east and they can fight.Phowar! Kerching. Hmmm obviously the cats will win against the Al-Qaeda. and in the soundtrack for fight/battle..well technically..WAR will be MAJOR actually happy now,Phewwww us @ the wang headquarters have kinda...decided these lazer cats will be a great substitute for soldiers during any war we may have.ahhh