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B MONI talks to wang.

Alright guys, i caught up with bilal probably known as b moni, his an mc and COMEDIANNN.waa gwarnnn,this had the potential to be a great interview but me getting distracted by tap dancing rats and plantain didnt really help us bond that much.Also i got a "BRB" from him...i:e he ran away and vows never to let a girl like me waste his time on some soo called interview. here's how is went before he did a dissappearing act:

Funmi/wang: alright bilal
B moni:ask den
Funmi /wang: haha
i feel under pressure now.loooooool
B moni:ask ask ask
Funmi/wang:how ure culinary skills like(not like it related to anything comedy based)?
B moni:i know what a fork is i kno what a knife is
and a spoon
im nigerian so i kno how 2 eat with my hands aswell
Funmi/wang: not all nigerians use they're hands you know?
B moni:i know,
was thatserious question tho?
Funmi/wang: yup
it is indeed.
B moni: ermm ok
funmi/wang:before we continue what ure views on plantain?
B moni:that's the shit right there.. in every form... fried, roasted, raw, in a packet (crisps), jus hard
Funmi/wang:how did you get in comedy and all that malarky?
B moni:went 2 LOL show @ the end of 08
said do myself i can do this approached the promoter/ comedian mr cee hu's show it was.then in march 09 i did my first sohhh siickk!!
Funmi/wang:you seee what makes you stand out from the same ol joke tellers?
B moni:erm im jus real 2 b honest
jus say it exacly how i feel
Funmi/wang:Sooo,*coughs* tap dancing rats or a polar bear with the voice of mariah carey?
B moni:could dey be white rats? if so they wud remind me of stuart little.. and if they tried 2 sing they'd probly sound like mariah anyway
Funmi/wang: you want white rats ? Fahking racist
B moni:well a black rat dont look like stuart little does it
Funmi/wang: a light skin rat?
B moni:no white
Funmi/wang: Duh!
Funmi/wang:ohh i know for a fact that you not "fan" of big brother?
B moni: awww cmon
Funmi/wang: Nahhhh,share ure views
B moni: nxt question
Funmi/wang: *shakes nervously* weed or skittles?
B moni: Skittles