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Adele is NOT an arab gold digger

(adele is probably my MOST sarcastic mates and she's rather peng so i thought why not chat her up a bit for wang)lulz!
wang/thatlondongirl-brap brap
badman pull up!
Adele- lol bAD MAN FORWARD
wang/thatlondongirl-whats been goin on the wonderful world of adele?
Adele- is this joke?
wang/thatlondongirl -JUST ANSWER BEYATCH!
Adele - dont get rude...i find it repugnant. ok well today i was wating in the tesco line for fuckin ages and some half nigerian guy was infront of me, he has dred so naturally i thought he was from jam rock and i proceede to give him a nod.
then i came out of tescos and he is waiting for me and he then proceeds to talk to me about the winnie mandela documentary on last night
i have no idea what he os on a bout but nod just the same
then i realise that i do infact know who she is
NELSON MANDELAS WIFE"!duh?i think to my self
so we were walking talkinblah blah blah,long story short
he offers to teach me the guitaras he is a guitar teacher?!
and rather peng even though i dont really like dreds my self.dirty discuting
CLUMPS of hair
wang/thatlondongirl -you dont dredlocks?
you dont like nottinghill version of lilwayne??p ar upon par
Adele -not really ,oh they look good but they feeel ffgfhjg;;j .They look peng
but the texture is ... (silenece bars)
wang/thatlondongirl- adele tell all the readers about the bloody mixes u have in you??(can i just say ure computer is GAY)
like ure a cake
or smoochie
a mixed raced smoochie
Adele - wot the fuck?
yes quincey in gay
but wtf?
im not a milkshake i am a person?
lol only nigerian milk shakes contain blood...
sorry quincey is my computer and he is a homo
wang/thatlondongirl- i meant ure greek and stuf/freench/jamoo??
elaborate the milkshake collaboration?
Adele - Im part french greek jamaican scotish. i can do all the accents except for my main quartile... (my)jamaican accent is very hard..
very easy to sound like a .. how do u put it... BEG
wang/thatlondongirl - Lush
Adele -but i look arab so ....
wang/thatlondongirl-Whoaaa now you possibly stand a chance for get some ARAAABB MONNI!?
Adele -yeah...if you count arab pennies
Adele - Which if u dont know are worth didly squat
wang/thatlondongirl -adele beggers cant be choosers.just saying.
Adele -... ? yes thats true how stupid of me
wang/thatlondongirl - Very stupid. par on ureself!