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Why o why? i havent done a post about this. i havent got a clue.. actually i do my mate *couhs* amie was the reason. At some street party is was DAGGER rape *GASPS* its alright, everyone she wasnt reeeeeally rape, like in what you think,well maybe she was. i dont know but YES, this FRESHHHHH african man kept on DAGERRRING HER away in the sense that he kinda lost the initial bid to be cute and all rommantic in huge grant's moview but i feel bad now that i idnt come to her rescue by herrr RUSKKOOOO was djing.Fahking hell, that guy is G.I didnt evn bother to tie my shoe laces even tho i can see her in the corner saying "FUNMIIIIIIII HELPPPPP MEEEE"" but i feel bad, and i hope you forgive *coughs again* amie, ok??
welll his a video to show you want my mate went through by this any next fresh african dude who just wouldnt PISSS OFF!!