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hello hello basically in case you dont dont know i love gingers, i love (skinny)guys, i love afros and whatcha know erin also known as FuchsiaStiletto showed me this guy's twitter after our lil convo aboout our love for gingers.i present to you Afro_e (i do need to seriously get his...real name.snaps)............ my blantent new crush. FACT!

i was actually pondering if i should do this post but fahk it, the worst thing that can happen is for him to realise that im-some-neek-who-nagged-erin-to email me pictures of him(preferably nude) to use for "wang". but these are the reasons why i find him lush *blush* ok, im getting ridiculous now, bare in mind IVE NEVER MEET THIS GUY BEFORE, but dont judge me, im a sucker for yummy ginger guys:
  • His PENGGGG(yes like a penguin)but just much more fitter(in human form)
  • He actually SPITS some bars (for all you cotton wool kids.."spits" meaning he raps)
  • He volunteers for special needs kids..awwwww(and aparently his decent at sign language,no prove for that though)
  • His JUST the best ginger..actually his in the top three gingers i fancy.

    he did a lil mix for lily allen's "the fear" its rather good one must say

To actually listen to him spit or just some his beats go here
or just find him on twitter