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I gots Snow time

i love snow sooo much, its like when you make a snow man and hes sorrounded by snow, does he get all skitzo and think that he has been murdered or that he just let rip a potent packet of snow spunk on your front lawn?

snow men have a short but for filling life. they grace thousands of acres of land each winter, if they stuck around till the spring they would probably be a good target market for David Camerons dirty campaign. Has anyone seen it ? I swear he looks like a scrotum that someone has given a facelift too and attached a piece of Donald Trumps "coniving hair line" sometimes i reel at the fact that if other living organisms from other planets ever made contact with the earth they would think that each human being's face took inspiration from stretched scrotums. WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?

i had a naughty dream about a snow man, i think his name was frosty and he tried to bribe me with ice and a carrot stick, im no donkey sir so fuck off! but it did make me think how would that feel to be in the loving grip of a cold and ruthless ice box?

1. i would probably get frostbite would really really hurt
3.i think i might like the fact that ,it would really really hurt
4.i am slightly sadistic,
5.i think i would set fire to frosty shortly afterwards, i'm gully dont you know?

if you think of it, it's actually quite strange and irregular behaviour that we try to make people out of everything, (the wicker man, scarecrow,sand man,aqua man where does it end?) maybe loads of people just have a god complex.