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WTF is child lock im D.R.U.N.K?

On a more recent escapade of mine e.g. one of my bestest mates leaving do :( :'(, (however not that upsetting , dude she GOT INTO CAMBRIDGE) NILU HAIDARI BIG SHOUT OUT YOU PENG IRANI BASTARD, WOOO. Anyway , as we were sitting on the curb trying to light a cigarette I noticed her struggling a bit too much, believe me you have never seen a sight more sweet than a 5 "2 brown eyed girl literally battling with her hand eye co -ordination . When I turned to face her I realised that she was battling the dreaded "child lock" on her boyfriends lighter , which gave her cause to shout out , "dude ,what the fuck is CHILD LOCK, you know ?"
well my darling the child lock is meant to stop children getting sexual with the lighter and burning shit down. she yelled further "why the FUCK IS there CHILD LOCK I am D.R.U.N.K" p.s. big head I love you and you truly are a "gully" Irani queen. hodafez