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FUZZY is my new thing among other stuff.

(photos courstesy of rachel crowther)

Here at w.a.n.g
We love all things weird and wonderful
But stuff that are rather cool and rather shit.

Im known as the mindless optimist even if someone glassed me in the face ill still be like “its alrite love I forgive you

Ohh yess now I remember what this post was for…… (not really but yehh)

PLEASE GIRLS DON’T YOU EVER THE WORD DEEPTHROATING in a sentence(or during sexual encounterments)
Partially because it’s a continuous verb and its rather weird
The reason I say this cus Russell brand in one of his shows..he said some next girl was giving him head and she was like “Rusell do you like me deepthroating ya??”(in a bait essex accent) and he like “huh”

(silent bars)

Among other stuff aswell…BAIT Indie guys please dont try to sound like sean paul when youre trying to chirpse me…*coughs* Southbank louie.
Or say “ I’S GROWN UP WITH BLACK PEOPLE INNNIT THO” (not a good look considering you grew up in oxfordshire)

Argghhhhh you might not get this but during a photoshoot me n ladybyron we had they was rather skinny indie looking black boy
And we were dressing up and we put a bowl-er hat on him and he was like “AWWW BLUD U LOT ARE GONNA MAKE ME LOOK GAY
AND I was like “DUDE URE WEARING SKINNY INDIE SHORTS; I doubt u look like ure from the endzz”
Say no more #

Ps: I know I went off topic quite a bit but ive just had 3 red bullss already and my head’s quitee fuzzy…
Hahah Fuzzzy.thats a funny word..FUZZZZZZZZZZZYYYYYY