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Lady Gaga is the newest member on Dragon's den.Dont you know

"I am the hardest working woman in pop."
ermm sure you are??!!.Basically I can actually manage to stand her silly hoo she's different... well not too diffrent.She's just like a lil 2009 version of madonna..but yehh i was like mmm mm let me watch her press video..she might b quite nice ...not as a plastic as she was on jonathan ross's show.

Enough of the hating and shit cuz i wont lie when her songs come up i do dance but this video kinda made me goes "wtf?!!"

This was a video of her press conference about her new album and stuff but she ends up talking about her new range of headphones ..Yes?!!! HEADPHONES

Aparently if you wanna feel like a star like her and feel what she feels when she listens to music
you can get her headphones!!!!! (for a hefty price)
Please fuck off and Stop selling me shit