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we. know. you. want.... to put us in your mouth... and chew!

CHEESE is the best invention since bread, and cheese with bread ,red peppers and humous is so good ,makes you wanna slap YO MAMA! mmmmmmm. cheese. If you think of it we use the word for a lot of different meanings such as :
"say CHEESE"
"dude there's CHEESE on your dick"
"I am so CHEESED off"
"he's a real CHEESY fuckwit"
"we loove CHEESE and wine"
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pour the liquor for the word Cheese,whilst doing a cheesy dance and smelling like cheese because your soo cheesy.

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You don't even have to ask stupid questions like ! "What's your favourite crisps" its Doritos CHEESE, or wotsits CHEESE or the cheap 10p (now because of credit crunch are 15p) cheese crisps, on a bad day I will have cheetos, however I have allergies to cheese and onion flavoured crisps. :(. BUT I WILL ALWAYS love cheese , even more than drugs ,alcohol and foreplay. cheese is truly my crack, in fact I am strung out right now, might have to reach for the cheese dippers. oh yeahhhh

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