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Arigato,Fizzy water and WORD!

(Photos courstesy of the lovely Khadija Saye)
Probably the cutest guy ever.i do think the rest of the girls just treated him like he was his their little gay barbie..BARE in MIND..he had a girlfriend who he'd been a steady relationship for a LOOOOOOOOngg time..(well thats what he told us)
Laura butterfield..she's one of the those rare americans that u actually like or doesnt remind you of that twat ...BUSH.She has a thing for gravys.Ohhh yehh she modelled for Chanel.

This guy was soo fucked up it was actaully soo jokes..i swear he'd taken for 10 mdma pills before speaking to me...i was like "can i take a photo of you" and he was "im sorry me noo speak enggl....NO" he was proppa tweekering n stuff (silents bars)

I wont lie his swagger was on point..he was rocking that recycled jeans jacket..its well retro *coughs*
and that mohician.WOW...kinda reminds me of the film..pocahontas for some reason...