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All for the sake of answering questions

(photo courtesy of cheap&juicy)(i was questioned by holiie from papertissue)

FIVE things you wish you could say to FIVE different people right now:
1. Ive loved you for 2 years
2. You really need to stop being a slut ..its not attractive
3. Im proud of you meyhnn
4: Can we go starbucks today??
5: Youre such a BEG.

TEN things about yourself:
1. The chances of you getting me angry is slim
2. I love plantain
3. I have the fear of getting spunk on .
4. I have a thing for indie guys
5. Im scared of midgets
6. I rarely wear make up
7. I got into royal ballet school when I was 14(but I chickened out)
8. I need to stop linking indie guys
9. Im pretty good at typography :D
10. I want to be a criminal lawyer,tap dancer/DJ or just a plantain maker

SEVEN ways to win your heart:
1. Singing to me
2. Making me plantain
3. Smiling
4. Being ambitious
5. Getting the jokes from scrubs
6. Hugs
7. Just being nice really
SEVEN things that cross your mind a lot:
1. “If its possible to tickle myself”
2. Plantain
3. Russell Brand
4. Cat galaxy radio
5. “If its possible to tickle myself”.. if I tried harder
6. Animal sex…I just sometimes ponder this
7. Brick laneeeeeeee

THREE songs that you listen to often:
1. A tribe called quest : Electric Relaxation
2. Willy mason: Save Myself
3. Movado: Im so special

ONE confession: