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Mind The Gap

Transport for London has to be THE worst way to travel in the entire world.
Theoretically I could go faster by Camel, I mean come on why "partially close" a station on a FUCKING weekend (even uncle Sam has 24 hour tube). There have been many times where I just look at train drivers utter contempt ,not to mention the so called "transport police" yeah-like-I-am-REALLY-going-to-show-you-my-I.D-when-I-have-a-child-travel card-YOU MAJOR LEAGUE DOUCHE.

why are Transport Police such see you next Tuesdays? the most depressing site on earth.Really its just starting to get plain ridiculous, now there are even inspectors on the underground, and its like WHAT THE FUCK has happened in your life that you take your job soo seriously and wont allow me for ONE single stop come on, YOUR INDUSTRY HATES YOU,your wife is having relations with a bus driver so have a heart and let me be.

Do you know that the Japanese have loads of words for EARLY, yeah that's right, like my fucking train should be!! Not delayed here for some stupid reason,if your going to delay a train why don't you make it for a good reason like ohhhh I don't know SOME prick jumped into the tracks or its doughnut day at TFL HQ.

Realistically the tube and all other modes of London transport should be free, I mean WE PAY TAX for a shitty service ( I shant mention the NHS) , WHY..? protest (the British way, send and angry letter) and get it for free .