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The Trendy Tramp

many of us may have fallen victim to their type fallen for their ripped jeans and talking shoes,and if you haven't washed your crotch in two weeks then I am talking about YOU there. STOP! looking good from a far ,but smelling like 17 day old take away food and stale cum. its such a shame the way the world works YOU would be considered cool . You smelly indie boy ,go and purchase soap ,then I can play with you.

i have a sneaking suspicion that your "rolled out of bed look" is contrived , but hey this is Shoreditch and i don't give a shit works pretty well. Stylists would describe your look as perhaps being "tramp chic" i on the other hand wouldn't give you a pound to get "on the train home-because
I know you will spend it on ketamine and special brew".
Alas I cannot help myself ,because the more you look contagious and dishevelled the more I want to
rape your face with my tongue......and use febreeze on those jeans..?

oh thanks for letting me know that indie stands for "individual" (even though you all have the same generic Hoxton haircut) i am such a retarded fuckwit that I thought it stood for Indian. Is that a moustache tattooed on your finger? oh your such a clever boy, and a swallow on your neck fucking WOW, I am so stunned that although you say your not a homosexual you have had "special encounters with other indie boys"
5 minutes later I now know how you can fit in those ridiculously tight skinnies, less than 4 inches FAIL. I love how your pretentious mind works and you cumming means that I had a good time...? I know for a fact that, that stain will not come out .thanks for demolishing my favourite T and stealing my jeans. clearly you have the STUN-and-RUN technique, be reassured as soon as I find my pants and get on the train home I will be washing my mouth out with industrial strength bleach.

p.s even if you made my clinical meeting a month early and your a total douche, I will forget the fact that you are crap at shexx cos your still HOT

damn you Trendy Tramp!!