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thought proccess no.1

I was reading Kafkas novella 'the metamorphosis' today its basically about a traveling salesman who works all day everyday and supplies his family with well....everything. The big twist in this cerazy piece of fiction writing is that the main character, Gregor Samsa turns into a dung beetle. NOW this got me thinking about this one time i thought i had turned into a beetle...well it was more that i had climbed into my head and was controlling my body which happened to be a beetle at that moment in time, and while thinking about that i thought about how weird it would be if you one day woke up and had transformed into a beetle or a celebrity or a tree. I sat there silently gazing into the horizon for a moment or two and tried to imagine what it would be like if i ever woke up and was a tree. I gradually came back to reality, bought a ribena and listened to some jehst.