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Soul Train x That Underrrated Guy

Isley Brothers - Live It Up
Soul Train-1974
woop matthew i stole this video from you but wow happy does this make me..
this was arounnd the african americans were goin through oprression and watsnots
hahah how informal is that???
but they remained positive and full of joy...

Well my advise to you is that whatever youre going through remain optismistic even if you get glassed in the face...just wear flowery patterns clothes and grow an Afro and all ure worries will be wipe away.

..........Attention all you acoustic loving readers??? come on at least one..........

I dont care what anyone says this guy willy mason is pretty amazing
its a shame how underrated he is.
ive actuallly loved his music for over a year and his voice is just.....
you decide
he makes me happy
he makes me wanna hope for more..
jheezzzzz i know im taking his lyrics seriously
but remember the name "willy mason"
hahah willy thats funny name.(obviously his parents meant william)