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La Tragedia(....not)

Judit Garcia-Talavera is probably the most nicest illustrator i met
and her sketches kinda represent the beauty within me..
haha i joke but seriously i admired the beauty of her stuffage like it kinda reminds me
of cupcakes mix with a splash of rainbows dash over models(if that makes sense).She uses the traditional media of art..watercolours,saturates,ink,etc but always uses
the magically forces of technology *coughs* photoshop.She's inspired by the cosmospolitan world we live in and the illustrations she does is kinda like us..well not really but like prettyness within us
anyhooo-zeeee water for my tea is ready soo i gotta cut this short..
.love u bubble bees and please check out her site...and say funmi sent you there
Much lovexx