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GAGA made me a HOE!

You know what i love soo much about the reaction of this video was angry loyal beyonce who were just like

"Why is beyonce acting like hoe..why?"

"GAGA ruined the song"

I watched the video i wont say lady gaga killed the song as much..its just that she TONED herself down alot..well blatently to make beyonce which i rather admire but just made me think they was really no point of Lady googoo to be in video.

*goo on youtuve to watch video one more time"

Some guy on youtube just commented the video saying "BEYONCE LOOKS LIKE SHE GIVES GOOD HEAD IN THIS VIDEO"...ermmm ok you cartoon wanker

Ohh next time beyonce ...please dont be a media whore; justy have some intregrity and stick to what your good @ dancing with two backing dancers. Oh actually on your next song collaborate with JEDWARD...prettty please..i promise to buy all your house of dereon jeans if you do ;)