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Arigato, Fizzy water, Word! (Part 2)

SAM THOMPSON!!! *fans herself" i still remember his not even gonna front but he was GORGEOUS from his bone structures and his height..everything..ahhhhh *signs* even when i stopped him..all i can remebere was 6 other girls(my friends) where like "omgg his soo fit,ahhhh do u hve facbook/msn??" and i slying got his facebook. YEAH! but he kinda bursted the bubble when he said he was gay.i seriously think that was a lie "ITS ALRITE SAM..WE-WONT-TRY TO-HIT-IN-YOU-AGAIN-WHILE-YOUR-JUST-RANDOMLY-SHOPPING-IN-BRICK LANE OK??
Ohhh he models aswell.
The girl was probably one of most optismistic people i met in brick lane that day(people are brick lane are TWATS incase you havent noticed)..even though i was pissing cold..she was like WHEEEEEEEEEEE WHOOOAAAA and i was like "calm down discobanana" u see what did there discobanana..she's holding a sign saying "discobanana" ermmm Joke FAILED!

I present to you guys Mr boombaskstick he was literally wearing all red (from his jeans) for a second i thought he was like related to little red hood but such a cool old man.ahhhhh
ohh snaps
photography by Khadija Saye