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Please dont Push my head

Please dont Push my head
im still blaitantlty giving you head
if you say "im gonna cum ,im gonna cuuuuum."
on more time
I will chew on your piece of bread

For.fucks. sake.
stop trying to choke me
your dick doth poke me
i'd rather you
jerked off instead.

its still so fucking rude
you whispering shit it my ear
not sexy.fucking crude.
you grabbing on to my rear

dont pull my hair.
dont tear my bra.
like come on dude
who the fuck do you think you are?
i tell you who
not a fucking porn star

my mouth your cum is coating
dont pull.
dont push.
im not deepthroating

so now im done
the moments come
for you to drip it out
whiter than ace
all over my face
its taste a bit like stout

dont be a mug
i hope you munch rug
because soon you will be
licking me out
thats right.
now its your turn
your tongue my legs do yearn...