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Turkish delight

kivanc tatlitug epitomises PENG (very aesthetically attractive), this guy had me watching am arabic dubbed turkish show,where kivanc plays heart throb mohaned/mehmet and i got into it ALOT. it kind of reminds me of Hispanic novellas.I learnt a bit of arabic along the way.
The episodes are so amazing and all the cliff hangers, literally have you on the edge of your gigantic Ikea bought bean seat thingy. the program is called Noor Gumus
he is 26 years of male sexuality. just thinking of him makes me blush and wish that i was Mrs.Tatlitug. he also modelled on the cover of marie claire and is particulary athletic ( basketball is his speacialty)
he went to private school, but i doubt he is a toff in the british sense anyway. he has one of those voices that even if he were to say
" basically byron you are a whore, i murdered your cat and had anal sex with your goat" i would still clap and go "YAAAAY kivanc raped my goat he is such a cool guy"
also i find that he has one of those sexy dad/jesus faces, even with stubble or an osama bin laden beard, hes still hot -with-or-without-hair.
check out Noor(the show) and check out Kivanc

(quietly faints into a pool of embarrassment and despair