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They are making i.o.u. MOVEments so smile

due to the warehouse party on the 30th, the living proof/work it crew have created a new event that is free and looking like its gonna be pretty good actually :),
They have issued a full apology to everyone that attended the event and due to the sucky licensing rules we have in this country *coughs*( fuck labour) which was one of the reasons why the warehouse got a visit from the smelly OLD BILL (this is where you tax is spent and wasted people)

this new I.O.U event is to be held at cargo 83 Rivington Street on tuesday the 10th of novemeber 7pm-1am and everyone who clicked "attending" will be on the list for come down to ride the oldskool riddims, W.A.N.G will be there and if you clicked attending then you should be there too.

it is completely free and shows how much they are willing to make it up to their faithful oldskool crowd and for that we say WELL DONE!