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In the Woods!

The thing is with guys you actually dont have to treat them like some next species even though they act like one.But i just find it jokes when some girls cant even communicate on just talk to a boy on a level without fancying them(sometimes going to a all girls school plays a part).I actually rather peng male friends and i dont fancy em..or wanna shag em.Hmmm but also certain girls are like "i get along better with guys,I mainly have guy friends" well thats ok.well kudos for you as long you dont fall for the trap for being they're fuck buddy or lets just say "friends with benefits" *cringe* but from experience guys would prefer you(girls) to just be the words of alexis "Be the person you wnat to attract".ahh * turns to tv & watches t4* ohh ive forgotton were i was....*thinks* but yehh mmm be opened to people to guys/girls/ure friends.Also when i say opened..i mean dont judge,not being antisocial. i dont mean-the-slutty-type-im-soo-cool.It might be RAD being know as the slutty friend for now but u can blatently tell everyone will PARR you off(secretly)..even the person you might off liked aswell.
Ps: Forgive me for using the word RAD..but watching wayy too much hanna montana shows lately.