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Alrite guys this is HENRY but call me Steezy innit!! Funmi, my girl was like "HENRY U GOTTA DO SUMFIN 4 WANG?!" i was like "skeeen" but im just give u lot a taster of my life..well NOT much tho!

Soo this is my school innit.ITS IGHT I GUESS.its like most SKOOLS ..its just that MY PAREEEENTS PAY.and ohh the building is SHIT.SOO DONT WATCH THE BUILDINGGG!!!

THIS IS ARE MY brethrens James and olly..I ALWAYS CALL DEM The battyman HAHAH cuz they DONT like THE SKEPTA AND GIGGS..and true say they dont have fresh garms but they safe tho,they always have my back in geography class.
but everytime i come back to me yard from the BOARDING SKOOOL ..I always jam with my homie
Jermain aka J from lyton estate.BRAP.(Big up)

Last night was bareee JOKES I CAUGHT UP With one of my link Chantell from elephant & castle.SHE'S sum Peng BLACK Chick from Stockwell park school.I like em sooome booty but she dont know i go PRIVTE SKOOOL THO.CUZ I'll lose CRED from the mandemzz innit.

Well aparently funmi was like i shud do more post of this wang thin and i was like "SKEEEEN" sooo ill spk soon.I GoTTTA go and help my mum make some *coughs* Caviar.