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The Sub Club:What is Chardie? :Part 2

note to Chav girl: the whole wolverine/skunk look was soo 2004 along with belly button rings.

shall i speak about your Long claws (how the hell do you wipe your arse only the Godsknow ?) if there was a "WICKED WITCH" competition i'm sure you would be in for 1st prize.Then of course them bush leaves hanging from your eyelashes... yes you. fake ed hardy wearing H.O.M.O.P.H.O.B.E. after its a "batty man/poofta" that puts in your hair extensions. GOOD LORD

why don't you just go and pose for a cheap rave flyer that miss uses bashment song lyrics for Titles and PISS RIGHT OFF!!

I will just touch on your male versions.Everyone at BURBERRY KNOWS YOUR HAT IS FAKE, chav boy come on. You are ruining it for everyone else, i don't have to make a bong out of a 3 month old white-ace bottle. when i want to smoke weed i just buy a REAL bong from the SHOP duchebag. I hear you can get one for the same price as a "big tasty" at Mc Donalds.Only you can insult an immigrant for being a leach on your country whenTHEY HAVE A JOB that pays tax and YOUR ON THE DOLE robbing old ladies and happy slapping people's children.

DON'T EVER GET RUDE and call my mate a bender when you dont even know what fucking bath salts look like.

i know it looks bad but really she is gonna bang doe

Dear Mr.Yardie man/Big T/Shanker D/Elgin lumpkin III,

i just wanted you to know that every time you chirps me it makes my day,even though i'm going somewhere probably much more important and i'm clearly in a hurry, just the thought of your "ganja breath" makes my belly fizzy with red stripe :).When you call me "gyal or hot ting bumbaclart" its SOO A-MAZING clearly you are unique in your approach to courting the opposite sex. Like i think you have so much "SWAGGER" its unbelievable

, such a shame you still live at your mothers "YARD". ED Hardy was definitely made with you in mind,the diamanté overload is TRES CHIC and soo NOT totally and completely gay, but its good you feel that not-shaving-your-armpits emasculates that tank top.

Your soo romantic, when you drag me by my thighs, away from my friends to dagger me even though i'm blatantly NOT INTERESTED in you.Your not my man. i don't have a number for your broke arse. Please excuse me whilst i repress the memory of our little "dance" ,when i get home i'll definitely be washing my mouth out with industrial strength bleach. So The white man/government dogs is oppressing you and yet you are shagging three shades of pink into his white wife Cathy? Interesting theory clearly you know how to *right the wrongs* in our society. Whats that you say? "real badman never.ever suck pussy?" is that right? is that why your breath smells like lady juice?

i hope your album sales increase or how else are you going to purchase the new lyle and scott jumper/cardigan/shit garms,

please stop trying to sell me drugs outside madame jojo's

all my love,

"dutty gyal" Byron

They dont make it easy for themeselves, i mean prove us POSHTWATOPPRESSORSwrong, start with getting a job maybe?....stop reading the SUN...?stop blaming people that don't speak english for all the social problems that you have going on in your own life...?me thinks take some responsibility for yourself..? IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK

To be fair both subcultures are just as needless to society as swine flu is to pigs, however i think i have found there purpose in life, they are here to TEST us, TEST our humanity,TEST our patience and are simply just stimuli created by certain parts of our fucked up society that needs a scape goat or just someone for us to all point the finger and go "hey-i-might-be-part-of-the-proloteriat-but-at-least-im-not-the-undercalss-at-least-im-not-on-benefits--at-least-im-not-a-CHAV!"

Maybe looking at them forces us to hold up a mirror to the society we live in and see that it cant be called Great Britain if we still have poverty and poverty stricken subcultures stabbing everyone ,having affairs with our desperate housewives,selling us all the Coke and Weed you could shove a Hundred pound note at. Maybe one day , just one day they will get a job as my gardener or maybe a dustbin man , probably Transport Police taking out there frustrations on your teenage daughter just because she is using a child travel card today instead of her 16+?

yet we don't want them mixing with our "perfect little princesses" or at our gates asking for help? because if they ever dared we would "call the police" then lock them up with all the other delinquents that don't fit in.

Just a thought.

also this is a great book so read it.