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The Sub Club:What is Chardie?

Hey this is the first article of The Sub Club, where we basically analyse two sets of subcultures for you lovely people and socially comment on them, go on my son join in!

This week Yardies VS Chavs

Yardies are so disgusting

Chavs are truly repugnant beings.

These subcultures is dangerous to young men and women and needs to STOP .The world is not picking on you and people are not being RACIALISTS,RICH BITCH,TOFF or whatever the fuck the new term is that you use for people who don't look or smell like corned beef.

Like really vile creatures from the invisible world of stereotypes.When i speak of these people i don't mean of the attractive ordinary Jamaicans JUST MAKING IT CLEAR FOR YOU PC NAZIS,

they are the ethnic minorities equivalent to *coughs* CHAVS or maybe they are one in the same me thinks?

definitely true ,as both subcultures have the same goals in life and rituals to make them feel less marginalised in society by the upper classes.

I'm talking about those dirt bag, fake converse,fake "gucci/pucci" handbag wearing.hollaring at people in Brixton in give you the last Fried dumpling or chip,whilst your clearly leaving your self open to getting diabetes type A as the rolls on your bung belly wine to the sounds of VYBZ KARTEL or the new BASS HUNTER album.

Yes i'm talking about you with your bleached face enhanced with too-light foundation yet you don't "really" like white people OHHHH the irony.Lets not forget your TANOREXIC counterparts, orange is a colour that only looks nice on fruit. listen "BABE" your clearly not golden sunset for i can see your tide marks as clear as day and the fact that your TATAAS are fake.

Dear Ms chav girl/lucy/jadey babes/Glamour model,

the way you slaughter the english tongue with incorrect phonetics really gets me hard , i just love that you say "BABE or HUN" instead of using the fucking name that my parents under god gave me . I love how you remind me that your "not racist but east anglia is abroad and not part of the British isles so maybe all the Asian people should live there instead of Crawley".Clearly your geographic skills are on point.Why waste time doing your

GCSE's your "gonna ave Tyrones baby,and your sorted cos he works at costcutters init?"Perhaps you should be given a medal ,because as we know, only you know how to truly rape primark and the discounted rails at topshop, lets not forget how "lush" your pauls boutique bag is.You do know that people going home on the night bus love to hear your numerous stories about your mate Tracy and "how she's such a slag right cos she swallows but really your well jealous of her being on TheJeremykyleshow".Using sunbeds is soo much better for a tan, who gives a shit about skin cancer ,right?. you look good now,right? Maybe its how good it was that you fucked Ashley Cole but you were "well gutted that he didn't let you call him MR.T as he bummed you"

good luck with you GNVQ in hair and make up.

sorry Beautician degree

please stop reproducing,

love "posh bitch" Byron

Lace front wig wearing *Note to yardie woman: your not fooling anyone we know the hair really isn't yours* (not helping the 3rd world,seeing as its little Indian kids that have to stay up at night and make your hair piece instead of you know.HAVING A CHILDHOOD)

*vomits* your bleach blonde hair extensions are polluting the gap in your skull whose previous tenant was your brain