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Le lace & cigarro

At the headquarters of w.a.n.g headquarters meaning our rooms.We've all found that will all have a mutual love for lace(even the guys).in chani's case ..LACE JUMPSUIT.
originally in the victorian times ; lace was shown to be a sign of wealth, elegance now in some cases has connotations of prostitution,ludeness,etc ..all link back to mary magdalene.thats the hooker lady from the bible.
(silent bars)
Now i cant remeber what this post was intended for. ermmm

Girls!! Dont smoke. eventually youre teeth will get fucked and ure breath will sink when you finally get that smooch from the hot guy and he'll never kiss you again and you be sad and it'll put you off relationships and possibly marriage and you'll just end up an old middle aged wrinkly woman with cats.You'll be called the cat lady.Do you want that? huh?? all because you wanted that little zoot

...... WELL I DO

SMOKE YOU LIFE AWAY and when youre a cat lady.invite me over to youre house