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You see maybe its just me but has christmas become an excuse for capitalist like bunsiness to make multi zillion trillion over a small period of time.delving and feeding us all this nonsense.OVERRATED. i go to my high street and its like "get this, get that...FOR URE FISH" Ps: Alll this malarky starts in october..never when its fricking nearer to bloody christmas.We as people have actually become to obsessed with the materialistic side of christmas(even me) you know what i mean the presents, brussel sprouts..eurghh, etc,etc and maybe just maybe we've lost the meaning of what christmass is actually about know the dealio
I feel like im falling in this capitalisttrap but i dont know..this is a pointless rant bcuz im just babbling on but yehhh.FAHKK ARGOS.Just enjoy the true meaning christmas

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