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Demons in my mind or something sublime?

i wont lie you guys, right now as i am typing this i am watching the full-length film version of this very clip, and im bricking my pants, im sooo scared .this was made for kids? What the DRAM FUCKETY is wrong with people, maybe too much too soon me things?. however i do realise the many abstract angles that you can examine this film from. its teaching children about the frail nature of human life its self the fact that as a people we are selfish and will inevitable cause our own downfall, not to mention the pointless rituals we all subcribe to, birthdays,wedding,christmas know that kind of shit that we have to buy cards for.
the more of it i am watching the more i am realising this is an A-MAZING piece of art, that is teaching me much more that any exhibition would, and the fact that it is so fucking disturbed and scary adds to its awesomeness.. did i just use awesomeness as a word instead of its intended biblibcal meaning?. grammatical PAR!

the feature length film is called The Adventures of Mark Twain

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