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life is a par when your just

Definition of linking: seeing someone but your not officially their partner.

WHAAAAAA? im sorry but ive always found that 'word' a 'parrage' like...'hey, areen't good enough to be your girlfriend..but good enough to bang...yeah?'

also girls are always the first to go 'are we like boyfriend/girlfriend now?' *in a essex voice preferably* hahahahahhaha NO WE ARE NOT. we are just shag buds.

well,also i need rules. on how many dates do you have to go with your 'link for it to before official. 3 or 25???? HELP!!!!!!

Another word of advice...ALWAYS USE A CONDOM WITH YOUR LINK...
like c'mon...his allowed to cheat because technically your not 'really' his....ermm girlfriend soo yeah.
you dont want aids and all that malarky

and ohhh yeah, someone just told me you can get herpes of the mouth. sjkdfkdkglksjdlksgjksdfjkjkddggggjkgjkjgkjfkj. thats just emotional

but yes......back to the initial point. being a link is just long and if its for you go for it but me personally. meh, i'd rather just wait for an ACTUAL know someone like that ash stymest fella.. preferably. just sayin.