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Ight cool bludzzz
urmm merry Christmas and ting.

CURRENT STATE: craving food from chicken cottage and realising that bashment music is the best. Not to mention, that amie's hair resembles that of baby slag conoisseur Erykah Badu.

Okay, so I’m been thinking about this year and so.
Well, firstly I truly learnt the difference between true friends and sponge cakes.
I also realised I spent half the year thinking and not being as proactive as I would have like to have been.
POSITIVE NOTES: My Photography shit really picked up.
Urmmm not to mention, I realised how much of a meech I am and the fact my ex-boyf constantly airs me.
P E A K.
However, this year I met soo many amazing people that I couldn’t imagine another life without.
I learnt that I shouldn’t be soo passive or complacent aswell.
I should also be grateful for people that have helped me and ting.
Blah di blah
Actually this is long.
But Next year will hopefully be a dope year.

This plan is be an alt girl in wales with a Nigerian food blog with Clara (aka nkechi).