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Basically i love the mafia, yes i know they kill people and stuff but they just seem really cool and today did not help with my lil mafia obsession. My teacher told the class about the mafia and how they work. the whole class was like WTF? i was like YESSSSSSS I LOVE YOU MEYYNN!

Soo what i learnt a little thing called cartel, This is a formal agreement with those within the mafia. the competitors??Duh!
Basically what they agree on is thing called ...*drumroll* price fixing.for example setting a price to sell crack, "HEY JOHN, THIS CRACK WILL BE SOLD FOR 20 QUID" if you go against this 'price' set.meaning making it higher and obviously going against the contract.. YOU FI DEAD!
other stuff they picking your terriitory like
group a will have camberewell, lewisham...whilst the grop b will be in peckham,catford,. If any of the oppposition go into a territory that isnt there...well...they will MURDAEERED!

There's always going to competition on who market share is the largest and the percentage of one has in the market.This is could be vital on seeing whose influential and shizzle.Soo hence the beef and stuff
Although big rigging is blantently illegal, its just means individuals meeting up and doing alil contrcat thingy bobb where they designated whose going to be the successful "person" for that limited time.
Ok i think thats pretty silly and immature. jheez its like pokemon dayz.
well i actually had more stuff to say but its probably wise for me to not post for you guys, considering these things i just told is completely irrelevant to your life...unless you actually want to join or start you own mafia then BLOOODY HECK.ive just helped you out then
Safe x