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I can feel this conversation dying

sometimes i think that people need to think instead of opening their mouths and allowing voluminous amounts of bullshit to escape. this is useful advice if you want people to respect what you say, not just the amount of your verbal excretions but the ACTUAL content and quality of what you say. i notice this allot more in the so called 'young and trendy' places in London *coughs* Shoreditch Gassers are the most prominent, just twittering on about yourself and how 'amazing you actually are and how fantastic your life is and how that Westwood show was soo Fierce and ting and ting'...SHUTTHEFUCKUP! why do you think that this makes you interesting? Isn't the whole point of having a conversation letting the other person finish speaking before you interrupt them to talk about some 'amazing new diet or eastern religion that has made you feel complete '?

Like dude seriously......

JUST JAM!.... and remember how much you learnt buy simply keeping your mouth closed and listening to other peoples funny little stories about stuff. the most selfish thing is when people only hear themselves and nothing or nobody else... how are you supposed to learn and grow as a person, and the sad thing is that this is much more common amongst Adult's... than their teenage counterparts.
its not even how much you speak, its how you respect the opinions and thoughts of others by not interrupting to just speak about yourself and things only affecting you..and then being arsey when you find out that people don't actually like you because you are the boring cunt at the party that speaks of their amazing life and forgets to actually LIVE IT!

Just something to think about


p.s i am getting my septum pierced for the 4th time,if anyone has any GOOD tips about after care because i clearly am doing something wrong then just email me at wang's Gmail K? TEN KU and then hopefully it wont get infected again, i will put up the pixels as soon as the deed is done. i WANG you very much :)