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WHY do i like you?

1. you can't rap for shit, like seriously dude, a deaf smurf with a speech impediment can do a better job than you, that's right CHRIS EUBANK can rap better than you!

2. you are vulgar Misogynistic Prick, literally everything you say isd, "bitches suck my dick....bitches choking on my dick, i fuck her in her cranium... BLAH BLAH"
do you not have a mother?
or sister?
or Nana?

i know rappers are suppose to be sexist, but you sir are on a different level!

side note: the stuff you say makes me cream my pants

3. Sorry why do you keep comparing yourself to people you look nothing like ?

A: you said you looked like a French man ? a FRENCH MAN ?! i mean

you sir, do not look French!
this is a French man

B: you said you looked like Matlock
you do not look like matlock
this is matlock

C: not to mention of course your ultimate delusions of grandeur, that's right... I mean when you flat out said that you look like Jesus!

mate you don't even look like black Jesus, let alone the western Aryan looking guy.

4. you wear ridiculously tight tops with new era caps, that make you look like a gay gangster.

side note: i love that you wear skinny jeans, i like to see the outline of your willy bounce

so really the question is, why do i get all hot and bothered when you rap about shoving you dick into bitches craniums? .. well its simple you see
i have a thing for Dickhead Men that have the mental age of a pre pubesant wanking teenage boy.

withoout any further delay here is the one the only dickhead with the key to my heart right now

LiL B or Bartholemy as his mother would say

yes you is a PRETTY ASS BITCH!! and i would do you from sun up till sun down