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i guess the likely-hood of rape is doubled?

even though this woman was speaking about her struggle with having two vaginas and the surprise her partner had , when told that he could use her other vagina when the front one got buggered.
all that was going through my head is after watching this video's rapists would double rape her.I mean rapists do have the internet and i'm guessing if rapists have broadband that they would watch this video on you tube and think of ways to use that second vagina.

if you think about it what bother it would be to have two vagina's i mean you would have

a double period

double the cost of waxing

double the amount of time in the bathroom

and you might have to wear gross knickers with double the vagina patch length (you know that soft cotton they put on the inside of pants)

that said im sure she's a lady on the streets but a FREAK in the bed, you gotta be, with a second pussy!

and hey maybe her man has two cocks, so everyone's happy!

that said
i would hate to be her second vagina.
a thought to leave you with there.